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What are the Best Financial Spread Betting Companies in the UK?

The United Kingdom is host to a multitude of different financial spread betting companies. This should not come as a huge surprise to anyone who has been involved with financial spread betting in the UK.

The market demand for financial spread betting is huge to say the least. As a matter of fact, bettors are known to use spread betting as a means to earn a decent, comfortable and luxurious living. That speaks volumes about how lucrative financial spread betting has become in the United Kingdom over the last few years.

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Not only has it become more attractive, it is an arena that is boiling with intense competition. With spread bettors mushrooming from every part of the nation, it is becoming more and more difficult to succeed in the field of spread betting.

To ensure that you maximize your chances of enjoying success in your spread betting endeavours, you must be aware of the best financial spread betting companies around. Being involved with poor or even mediocre financial spread betting companies can put your money in serious jeopardy.

Despite the massive variety of financial spread betting options in the United Kingdom, your options should be limited to a selected few.

These handpicked financial spread betting companies should be the crème of the crop establishments in the industry. These companies should be ones that promise high reward and minimal risk for knowledgeable, skilled and expert financial spread bettors.


Top 3 Best Financial Spread Betting Companies in the UK


To save you the trouble of filtering out all the reliable and commendable financial spread betting companies from the pool of mediocrity, we have compiled a list of the top three financial spread betting companies in the United Kingdom.

As long as you engage in financial spread betting under the guidance and with the assistance of these financial spread betting companies, the probabilities of you becoming immensely successful in this field will remain high.


ETX Capital


ETX Capital was launched in the July of 2002. Since then, its reputation and prestige in the British financial spread betting industry has spiralled upwards at astronomical rates. It is an award winning spread betting provider that offers its clients the world class assistance and support they need to become assured traders in the industry.

ETX - the Best Financial Spread Betting Company in UK

At ETX, users will be able to enjoy tight spreads and low margins, both of which can greatly help their chances of being successful traders. The overall cost of the traders is reduced significantly and maximum return is received from the capital.

With the low cost spread of ETX, users can enjoy a clear advantage over others quite easily. This is because the loss of funds between the sell and buy prices for the current market is once lowered considerably.

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ETX Capital has been on the receiving end of a good number of accolades including the award for the “Best Spread Betting Provider 2015”, that was handed out by "City of London Wealth Management Awards".


Core Spreads


To call Core Spreads unique would be an understatement to say the least. It is one of those financial spread betting companies that set itself from the rest very easily courtesy of its ability to address the real challenges that grip traders in the world of spread betting.

Financial spread bettors are always on the lookout for spread betting companies that offer consistent support throughout sustained periods of difficulty or crisis. This is exactly what Core Spread brings to the table. The cost of your operations will not go out of control as long as you are availing the services of Core Spreads.

Core Spreads Betting Company

It is one of the few financial spread betting companies that makes it clear that losses can exceed deposit, since the factors of leverage and margin are taken into account here.

At Core Spreads, the emphasis is not on providing the best news service or updates. Instead, the company focuses on giving its clients a trading platform that they can count on and a streamlined business model that they can follow with little to no complications.

Core Spreads offers tight spreads to its traders, as well as long term fixed trading.




A worldwide leader in online trading, IG has facilitated swift and flexible access to more than 10,000 financial markets in the world. These include shares, indices, Forex, commodities as well as binaries.

This financial spread betting company was established in the year 1974. Back then, it was recognized as the world’s first financial spread betting establishment. Ever since its inception, the goal of the people in charge of this company was to make IG the number one choice or the default choice for active traders around the world. In other words, they are seeking to monopolize the financial spread betting market.

IG Financial Spread Betting Company

Today, IG is an award winning multi-platform trading company. It is well known around the world as the greatest provider of CFDs. It has been credited with the title of being a global leader in Forex. In the September of 2014, IG unveiled its exhibition only stock broking service.

As of now, IG is a member of the FTSE 250, which in itself is a prestigious accreditation. They have offices that are spread around the world including those in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the United States of America.

IG has been applauded over and again for its focus on training and educating its traders. Its training program is currently the best in the world and cannot even be remotely rivalled by any other spread betting site in the world.

The training program contains a huge range of articles and guides that cover diverse topics. These articles and guides are designed to improve the efficiency and proficiency of traders. There is provision for traders to attend real life seminars and take part in webinars that are administered by the chief mark strategies of IG.

From the point of view of a day trader, there is very little negative remarks that can be made about IG.


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