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Spreadex: Sports and Financials Spread Betting (Review)

Financial spread betting and sports spread betting are extremely popular in the United Kingdom. This is the reason why there are so many spread betting online platforms developing in the UK, many of which are enjoying tremendous success.

Betting in general is something that the Britons love to engage in, and spread betting is a unique method of betting that simply accentuates the joy of a punter.

Best Spread Betting in UK

If you have never truly been involved in spread betting, and if you are looking to find the perfect platform to get started with your spread betting endeavours, then look no further than Spreadex.


Rise of Spreadex


Spreadex is an online spread betting platform that has been making waves in the online betting industry for quite some time now. This company was established in the year 2000 and is based in St Alban’s.

Ever since its inception, Spreadex has won the hearts of countless spread betting aficionados, especially those who take their spread betting very seriously.

For the punters who aim to accumulate a decent amount of wealth on the internet, Spreadex has a financial spread betting platform that will surely leave you thoroughly impressed and satisfied.

What makes their financial spread betting platform unique and different from the other hundreds of platforms around the world is the fact that their customer care support is absolutely impeccable. It is nearly impossible to have any complaints about the customer services of their financial spread betting platform.


Sports Spread Betting at Spreadex


Before you dig deeper into the excellence of their features, you might be interested to know that Spreadex boasts another form of spread betting platform, which is a lot different form the conventional financial spread betting platform that most people have become accustomed to seeing.

Spreadex took the basic principles of spread betting and applied it to sports. In other words, Spreadex is known for its sports spread betting platform nearly as much as it is known for its financial spread betting platform.


Focus on Traditional Bettors


In an age where evolution has become the norm in online betting, it is quite difficult to find online betting platforms that cater to the needs of conventional bettors.

Hence, traditional bettors feel left out and reluctant to engage in any form of betting activity online. This is one area where Spreadex has not faltered like so many of the other betting platforms.

Spreadex Sports Spread Betting

The website of Spreadex has been designed in a way to make traditional betters feel at ease. Only when the customers are comfortable with the features, services and betting options, can you expect them to open up an account and start placing huge money on spread bets.

Modern bettors might see spread betting platforms as a form of casual entertainment. However, traditional bettors are wired to believe that betting is a legitimate source of making some good money.

Hence, Spreadex offers a full fixed odd service, which includes financial fixed odds that can be of great use during volatile times. This service has become a huge hit among the traditional bettors.

Spreadex also gives its traditional bettors the option of accessing and exploring various trading options with the use of simple one single account.

The fact that Spreadex has put great emphasis on not making their betting platform too complicated and are considerate about the choices of traditional bettors speaks volumes about how much this spread betting online business cares about its valued clients.

Sincere service of such kind is very hard to avail nowadays, but Spreadex is surely leading the way and showing the world how online bettors do not have to travel to brick and mortar spread betting establishments to received outstanding service.


Trading Markets


As mentioned before, there are two distinct spread betting platforms offered by Spreadex. Hence, the website is divided into halves. One section offers a platform for financial spread betting. The other section deals with sports spread betting.

It is a very well designed website, and you should have little to no problem navigating it to find the options that interest you.


Financial Spread Betting


In the financial section, you have trades, indices, FX, shares and commodities. Specific markets such as the likes of bonds and interest rates can also be found at Spreadex.

Spreadex Financials Spread Betting

The AIM stock offering is comprehensive to say the least and it is down to a market cap of £1m. You can make tight spreads and you can also make gains that do not come included with capital gains tax or stamp duty.


Sports Spread Betting


In the sports platform of Spreadex, you can breathe in the excitement of placing spread bets and fixed odds on the results of some of the most exhilarating and popular sporting events. There is also scope for you to bet on sporting occasions that are not as much talked about as the sporting events.

In every game or tournament, you will enjoy a wide range of outcomes. In addition to these, you have binary options and handicaps to broaden the horizon of your sports spread betting.


Spreadex Platform


The spread betting platform of Spreadex can be customized quite easily. The purpose of the customization is to help users look at data in a style that best suits their preferences and needs. In other words, the entire platform is designed to induce as much comfort in the minds of the bettors as possible.

Spreadex Trading Platforms

Spreadex spared no expense in making sure that their platform turned out to be one of the most well integrated platforms out there in the online market. If you prefer using a betting platform through mobile devices, then you can easily do that with the technologically advanced platform of Spreadex.


Special Offers


A Spreadex review would not be complete without the mention of their special offer and bonuses for punters. New clients have the incredible opportunity of winning an iPad or Sonos wireless music system upon placing qualifying financial or sports bets.

There is a wonderful “refer-a-friend” offer that many users take advantage of to earn a risk free £100 Financial Speed Market bet.

In conclusion, the high quality customer support, the emphasis on traditional betting and crystal clear explanations on the website makes Spreadex a must visit destination for spread bettors in UK and abroad.


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