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What is the Best Spread Betting Platform in the UK?

Spread betting, especially financial spread betting, has attained huge popularity in the United Kingdom over the better half of the last decade. More and more people are becoming familiar with the massive rewards, that can be enjoyed through successful spread betting.

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Unlike other forms of betting in the United Kingdom, spread betting is not exactly a one man show. Anyone who wishes to get involved in spread betting needs a platform to rely on. The selection of a platform can turn out to be the difference between being successful in this field or being a failure.

There is a wide range of financial spread betting companies in the United Kingdom. Each of these companies or online financial spread betting operators offer spread betting platforms for their valued clients. The features of the platform differ from one financial spread betting company to the other.

When selecting a financial spread betting platform for yourself, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the platform chosen has features that best suit your preferences.

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If the characteristics of the financial spread betting platform is not in concordance with the style of betting you prefer, then you may have a torrid time establishing yourself as a decent trader in the industry.


Top 3 Best Spread Betting Platforms in the UK


As mentioned before, there is no shortage of variety when it comes to selecting a spread betting platform. That being said, it would be quite silly for you to try out mediocre spread betting platforms without even knowing about the best ones that the industry has to offer.



Therefore, for your convenience, the following are the three best spread betting platforms in the United Kingdom.

As you learn more about these platforms, you will understand why a state of the art spread betting platform can be pivotal for earning success as a trader. Think of the spread betting platform as a golf club. If you do not have the right golf club to make to hit the golf ball, you will never be able to make the perfect putt on the greens.


ETX Capital Platforms


If you are new to spread betting, then you will be strongly encouraged by the veterans in the field to start off your spread betting endeavours with the ETX Capital spread betting platform. In terms of being user friendly, it does not get any better than this company’s platform.

ETX Spread Betting Platforms

The platform offers fixed spreads and is perfect for trading on the go through your mobile devices. There are more than 30 Forex currency pairs, 12 financial indices and a wide range of equities. It is safe to say that ETX Capital platform gives its clients an amazing selection of trades to make their pick from.

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In the platform, you will find a list of popular markets. In other words, you will be kept informed about the most commonly traded markets that will allow you to never miss out on any of the current trends in the world of financial spread betting.

This list of popular markets can also be used by the traders of ETX Capital to create watchlist based on their own preferences.

With the ETX platform, you will have exclusive access to tools, such as charts, which can be game changers both in the long and the short run for traders of all degrees of experience and expertise. Trading in the ETX Capital platform is as easy as reciting the alphabets. All you have to do get started is take a position.


IG Platform


The amazing trading tools in the IG web based platform can literally change the fortunes of a trader. Features such as the ProRealTime charts, IG charts, Reuters news stream and others prove to be extremely important in helping a trader find his footing in the world of spread betting and climb up the ladders to the upper tiers of success.

IG Spread Betting Platform

The platform allows you to enjoy one click betting and a layout that can be personalized according to your preferences. If you spend only half an hour on the platform, you will realize that navigating the features and browsing the options here is unbelievably easy and convenient.

Not to mention, the IG platform comes with watchlists and monitoring trading tools such as trading alerts, as well as stops and limits. In other words, there is no need for you to keep your eyes fixed on the monitor screen.


InterTrader Platform


InterTrader is one of the best, if not the best, financial spread betting company in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that the platform it has to offer ranks among the greatest platforms you can get your hands on today.

It is a brand new platform that is very easy to navigate and one that is loaded with a wide range of impressive features that makes financial spread betting and CFD trading extremely convenient and thoroughly enjoyable.

InterTrader Spread Betting Platform in UK

In this platform, you will be able to set multiple watchlists. For those who want to test drive the platform before investing money in InterTrader, the option of using a demo account is available.

The platform can be easily accessed through this demo account. You will also enjoy free access to numerous incredible trading tools such as research, news, technical analysis and trading signals. 

The entire platform is divided into five separate sections. These are:

  • a) Account information

  • b) Trading tools

  • c) Markets & Prices

  • d) Quick Trade links

  • e) Your trading activity

In the account information, you will find information on all things associated with your account such as the account number, the balance, trading resources, P&L, account valuation and margin in use.

The section that makes the platform really interesting is the analysis section. Here, you will find investment research brought to you by one of the well known providers in the world, Trading Central. In addition to this, you have fundamental analysis for UK stock and index.

Furthermore, you have sector analysis which can one once again serve as an extremely important tool to set you apart from the rest of the traders and put you on course to achieving mammoth success in the field of financial spread betting.


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