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ActivTrades UK (Review)

There are a ton of brokerage firms that serve the retail industry for quite a long time now, but there are those brokerage firms that you just cannot discount when naming the best of the best.

The thing is that if you are a brokerage firm and you have this quality about you that stand out there is no way that you are going to go unnoticed.

That is what ActivTrades UK has done, and they have been successful enough to gain the attention they deserve and that is one of the things that many brokers strive to achieve.


ActivTrades UK Review


2001 ActivTrades UK was established in Switzerland one of the premier banking nations of the world. After their inception in 2001 and their aim at improving their clients’ ability to trade profitably and, furthermore, get access to the market in the fastest and most efficient way using quality instruments and trading technology.

Later, in the year 2005, ActivTrades moved its operations to the world’s most influential financial district, London, United Kingdom.




This move was instrumental in the sense that the traders and most of their clients could visit them on location and this helped grow their influence and relationship with their client base. Also, they could get new clients, and this is what led to their next major step towards achieving success.

In 2007 ActivTrades became a party to the highly acclaimed MetaTrader 4 platform, and this is one of those steps that will change how the traders and clients view you in the long run.

The trading platform opened new doors for active trades, and that is one step closer to their goal of providing quality services using high-end and reliable trading platforms.

By including the trading platform ActivTrades were handed the keys to the financial kingdom, they could add onto their portfolio; they added interest rates, commodities, indices, and CFDs.


ActivTrades uk review


The addition of the new products in 2009, allows the traders to expand their earning potential and thus, in the long run, they will be able to make more and balance their trading well.

As from 2009 ActivTrades started growing rapidly and they got to penetrate new markets that were a little hard to get into in their earlier years.

In the year 2010, they were attracting all the required attention because of their technical and fundamental analysis of the markets and this led to their analysts getting a slot in the CNBC which is more than any other broker can ask for when it comes to being given a platform to advertise their brand to the rest of the public domain.

They have also been able as from the year 2012-2014 to make partnerships that were strategic to their growth and development and all through their business they were also able to win multiple awards that have elevated their position as one of the most respected brokers in the United Kingdom and also all over the world.



For anyone who has any doubts about ActivTrades, it is a reliable firm that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and their reference number is FRN 434413 and they are also a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

The latter ensures that the clients are protected in the case that the brokerage firm goes burst, this means that the clients will be compensated for an amount of their deposits. For more information on the brokerage firm visit ActivTrades co uk.


ActivTrades Trading Platforms


The very best trading firms understand the need to offer their clients the best trading technology which translates to the traders’ tools in the markets.

Any workman knows that their work tools decide whether they will be efficient or not and faulty tools will fail even the best workman and that equate to traders who do not have the right tools for the job, they will always pay second fiddle, and they will have a hard time reaching their true potential.

That is why ActivTrades has made it their mission to provide the best trading technology and tools to support the trader in every trading environment.

They offer their clients the MT4 and the MT5 trading accounts which both have a minimum deposit amount of $100 and a maximum leverage of 1:400 which is enough to get any traders a hand in their trading.


ActivTrades UK


Furthermore, the traders can also trade through the mobile trading platforms made available to them by the brokerage firm.

Also, all their trading is commission free which makes it one of the best options for traders to trade since it lessens their costs.


Trading Education


The brokerage firm realized that their most successful traders were only able to maintain their peak performance due to their knowledge and continuous learning.


ActivTrades co UK


This secret is what Activtrades has utilized to ensure their clients get to peak performance and they have made this possible by including education as part of their principles.

They have a one on one education session; this is a more personal approach that many brokers do not offer, and this has made them an easy choice across the board.

They also have the webinars which are often held and the information is accessible via their website in the education session.

Also, all over the world, they offer seminars in their various locations from around the world, these sessions are important to help the traders meet the team and ask questions.

For the traders, who may want to review the information taught on webinars can watch the video tutorials this way they are able to have a library of sorts and this improves their studies.


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