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Pepperstone - Broker Review

There are those brokerage firms that only come ones in a lifetime, they seem to be something of a fairy tale, they just happen to be well placed, and they just came into the market at the right time and filled a gap that has long been neglected as not important or less attractive for business.

This gap is what Pepperstone saw, and they took a little time to fill it before every other firm saw it and jumped on that opportunity.

Pepperstone broker saw a massive gap between how the high-level traders or institutional traders were treated and how the retail traders were treated as well, and they saw that something could be done for both parties to get what was duly theirs.

There were preferential treatment and geographical treatment that cut out a massive number of individuals from the massive foreign exchange market.


Pepperstone: Broker Review


In 2010 Pepperstone broker joined the industry with a different perspective, and they would have been as a new player, and many would discount them, but they have proven their worth in the field, and they have been able to stand out from the crowd.




They are one of the few brokers in the world that have a found a balance between the veteran traders and the novice traders, they have created their tools in a way that they are able to share the same technology and not inconvenience any party from performing at their best.

Furthermore, they have been able to introduce the foreign exchange market very clearly to more than 65 countries in the world, and that is a big step not only for their advantage but this is a sacrifice made for the whole industry as a whole and because of this they have been able to win major awards for their efforts six years into the business.

They also have values that act as guiding principles to their day to day operations. They stand by their values to offer the best services possible and beyond that they also employ innovativeness and flexibility.

They are also bound by acting responsibly by promoting integrity and ethics, and they are also bound by their commitment to upholding industry standards and complying with the same.


Pepperstone review


They do this by maintaining the regulatory framework provided by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, in addition to this they hold an Australian Financial Services License. 


Pepperstone Trading Platforms


One of the core values is innovation, and that can only be envisioned on the types of trading platforms offered by a broker. This is one of the reasons that separates Pepperstone broker from the rest of the fray.

They have quite the range of trading platforms that makes them quite the choice for any serious trader. They have a good mix of third party platforms as well as proprietary trading platforms that traders can select from.

They have the MT4 trading platform in two variations; they have the normal platform and the floating spread MT4 platform.



This means that a client can choose to work with the fixed spread account or the current market spreads account, either way, you are going to have the best experience either of the accounts.

They have their proprietary trading platform the Pepperstone r which has very many interesting additions coupled with everything that any trader would need to trade effectively.

To be a quality broker, your spreads should be tight, and the price feed should always stick to keep the traders ready for the next trade opportunity.

That is why Pepperstone get their quotes from a major pool of 22 banks from around the world, the clients get the tightest spreads in the industry, and at the same time the trading platform allows the traders get their trades filled directly into this pool, so there are very few instances that their clients will get a misquote, mostly they get a positive slippage which is very rare if you do not have the best liquidity providers.

Pepperstone broker is in a league of their own because they know what every trader needs and requires to become the best.

They did not stop there; they know that each trader needs to have that flexibility that is one of the advantages of being a trader, and thus they created the web trading across various browsing platforms.


Pepperstone broker


They also support automated trading and mobile trading, and that makes them very appealing to the wider market.


Pepperstone Educational Resources


Pepperstone broker knows that every trader’s success is highly hinged on their ability to make sense of the opportunities presented to them in the markets.

That is why Pepperstone has the education section on their website; they have broken down their resources into easy to read sections, the beginner section where the newbies get a chance to get introduced to the markets and how they work.


Pepperstone broker review


They also have lessons on economic indicators and their impact on the market. They also have webinars that give the learners a chance to learn from live and practical examples, in addition to the webinars there is a library of trading videos that can be a good tool for reviewing lessons.

In addition, the clients get a chance to get the free forex e-book, and in addition, there is a glossary that helps with the terms.


Pepperstone Customer Support


Their core value that addresses the customer support experience is fully vindicated; they have one of the best customer support services in the world.

They have live chat support on their website that a client can use to contact the broker directly that is if you have an account or not.

They have contact information if you wish to call, in addition to the conventional support channels they also have the social media platforms that are very active, and from their ages, you will be able to get the information you need in the much-relaxed platform.


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