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Ayondo Review

Ayondo is a social trading and spread betting and CFD broker that has been in the financial industry field since 2008.

The global financial crisis gave rise to multiple trading options across the world, and Ayondo took advantage of this opportunity and opened the doors to the rest of the world to experience a new way of trading the markets.

Ayondo is registered in England and Wales under the registration number 03148972, and because of that they are regulated by the Financial Conduct authority, and their number is 184333.

The social trading part of Ayondo is run by Ayondo GmbH an agent of DanauCapital Wertpaiper AG, and they are regulated under the intermediaries’ register of BaFin.


Ayondo Review


Ayondo has won multiple awards for its time, and these awards have elevated their presence in the international financial scene.They have won the ADVFN International Financial Award for the Best Social Trading Platform for 2015 and 2016.

Ayondo has made strategic partnerships with various firms that offer services that complement the services they offer at the firm; they have reputable banks and auditing firm and brokers who facilitate their services.




Ayondo is very categorical about the protection of client funds, they have set a lot of measures to protect their client's funds. They offer occasional reports to the FCA concerning their accounts just to keep track of their solvency and ability to operate.

They have gone further and have a membership with the FSCS, a body that deals with compensation of funds in the case the firm goes burst, and the clients are covered for 75,000 Pounds.

Ayondo has also applied for an extra insurance for client funds to the tune of 500,000 Pounds for each client.

A client who is not active has their funds put in a segregated account and all funds belonging to clients are held in reputable banks.

They have also gotten involved with sports sponsorship, and they are the official sponsors of F.S.V Frankfurt, a top league football club in Germany. 


Ayondo: Accounts and Trading Platform


Ayondo has two very distinct account types, the social trading account and the spread betting and CFD trading accounts. Both accounts are offered with a demo account that the client can use to get acquainted with trading platform and the products on offer for trading.

Their social trading account is well structured to ensure easy navigation; it is broken into sections such as find top trader, follow the followers, my portfolio and I’m a top trader.


Ayondo accounts


All these sections have more to them, and you can find the information clearly stated on their website. Their trading platform is a proprietary based platform that was created according to their clients’ feedback and requirements.

This award-winning platform has the following aspects that make it unique; utilizes the latest HTML5 and JavaScript technology, and their charting is SVG-based.


Ayondo platform


They have other features that are meant to help the client a proper handle on their risk management.

They have the variable margin tab that has those functions integrated into it, and the traders can input their trades as notional value trades.

Their trading employs quite an inexpensive model whereby the traders can very low charges for their trades either for long term or short term traders.

Their trading platform does not have a lot of features, though; this may seem like a disadvantage, but rather it is an advantage because the little function features have been combined to form one comprehensive feature and this gives the trader an easier time navigating the platform.



In summary, their accounts and trading platforms cover everything that Ayondo offers as a trading firm.


Educational Resources


Ayondo understands that their clients’ longevity can only be guaranteed by a good educational background on the financial markets.

Their education has been broken into three distinct sections that cover exactly what they offer as products.


Ayondo review


These sections are a social trading follower; this section covers everything you need to know before you make a decision to follow any of the top traders in the social trading account.

There is the social trading top trader section that covers everything you need to know if you are one of the traders who is aspiring to grow your following base and the best way to do it.

The last section is the spread betting and CFD trading section, this section covers each of the above comprehensively and offers strategies that have been backtested and proven successful in the market.

All these sections have been further broken into sections that make it a lot easier to navigate while studying; they are; webinars, brochures, blog, manuals, FAQs, stock pulse and the glossary section.

Ayondo are really driven to empowering their clients and what better way of doing it than offering quality education for their clients.


Ayondo: Deposits and Withdrawals


Ayondo has limited their deposit and withdrawal options in order to concentrate on offering quality transactional services. They only accept credit and debit card payments, and also bank wire transfer methods.


Ayondo deposit


Their site has the list of the acceptable cards for payments; the currencies allowed for payment are the Euro, dollar, Pound, the SEK and the Swiss Franc.

Ayondo is compliant to the Money Laundering Regulations of 2007, and thus they do not accept any third party payments to a client's account. The withdrawals are only made back to the source or where the deposit was made from.

The withdrawals take 5 business days to get to the client after the withdrawal is approved.

For withdrawals through wire transfer, the client should contact the support team, but Ayondo prefers to have your withdrawals to be made back to your card used for depositing.


Customer Support


Ayondo has categorized their support into sections, the social trading help section, and the trading help section. Both sections have the telephone number, e-mail, and postal address sections outlined in a clear manner.

As a client who is internet savvy, you can still connect with them through their social media pages stated on their web page.

As a trader of Ayondo, you will be empowered to be a better and profitable trader.


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