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ETrade in the UK

ETrade is one of the very first brokerage firms in the United States to kick off offering multiple tradable assets to their clients.

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It started as an alternative investment firm in 1982 in Palo Alto in California. Since most brokerage firm and financial institutions were based in New York or Chicago, it was almost a unique scene to have a brokerage firm set up shop in a part of the country that was mostly known for entertainment rather than finance.


ETrade in the UK (Review)


E*Trade took a bold step in 1997 and went the way that many brokerage firms were yet to go, they embraced the spirit of the Silicon Valley and started offering online trading.

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This means, that they could offer their services to clients from different parts of the country as long as they could get access to a computer that an internet connection. The rise of online trading led to the growth of the financial industry beyond the imagination of many.

E*Trade diversified their investment products they were no longer offering the common stocks and bonds; they went into ETFs, options, futures, mutual funds, and fixed income products.

These instruments gave their clients a wide range of options and thus gave them the right mix of products to create the best most profitable portfolio they could.

E*Trade is divided into various firms, E*Trade Securities LLC a member of FINRA and SIPC offers all the securities products aforementioned, E*Trade Capital Management LLC is the branch that deals with investment advice from registered professionals.




The last is E*Trade Bank a federal savings bank a registered member of the FDIC; it offers banking services to its clients.

All these branches work together to create the best mix of operation and service for their clients; they act as a one-stop shop when it comes to matters dealing with investments and other financial services.

They offer very competitive prices for their stocks at $9.99 and 75 cents per option contract and $1 per online bond rate.



These prices are very fair compared to other brokers offering the same product; they have no charges for mutual fund transactions.


ETrade Trading Platforms


ETrade in the UK has various options when it comes to trading platforms; they understand that they cater for a wide range of individuals with different schedules and each trader needs to feel unique and comfortable while trading.

This reason led to the development of trading platforms that covers those requirements and have surpassed the expectations of their users.

They have the E*Trade mobile; this mobile platform is meant to offer the trader on the move a platform to monitor and to trade with, it has most of the capabilities of the web platform so the trader will not fill alienated while using it. The mobile platform is available for download on Android devices, Apple devices, Microsoft devices, Amazon devices and lastly Kindle devices.


ETrade platform


There is the E*Trade web platform that is very easy to use and access as long as one has an internet connection, the setup and layout are easy to navigate, and the trade executions are fast. They have a downloadable trading platform that is the E*Trade Pro, an advanced desktop trading platform that created by E*Trade. 



This platform has one of the best charting tools and technical tools for technical analysis. It has some features that set it apart, the point and click order entry, pro trading tools that are meant for the professional and skilled traders.

It has some of the best real-time news delivery systems and trackers from the news form the news delivered real time there is an idea generating a tool that can offer real-time opportunities to capitalize on the news received.

It also has a portfolio management feature that allows the trader to move around the assets he or she is trading and balance them out well in accordance with the current economic conditions.

These trading platforms form a major part of the clients’ success in the long term.


Educational Resources


E*Trade has one of the most extensive educational content among the brokerage firms in existence.

They have a keen interest in improving their clients’ knowledge on the financial markets and how each asset works and how one can profit from this understanding.

The educational resource section is divided into various sections for ease of navigation.

It is divided into education which is further broken into trading, retirement, stocks, options, mutual funds and ETFs.

The next section is live events that are held across the country in all their branches.

They have the course section which is basically an extensive study of stocks, funds, portfolio management, bonds, ETFs, and risk management. All these courses offer structured learning manual form start to finish.


ETrade education


They have the videos section that has an accumulation of a lot of hours of material that is a honey pot of financial knowledge. With all these resources the trader will obviously have the upper hand when involving themselves in the market.

The only way to be confident in the markets is by building a continuous knowledge base that will be the trader’s stronghold for long term success.


Deposits and Withdrawals


ETrade in the UK has various options when it comes to their deposit and withdrawal process.


ETrade deposit


They have different options that will fit each of their clients very well; they have a method called the Free Quick Transfer that takes up to 3 business days for the funds to hit your account.

They also allow wire transfers and those are processed the same day and the funds will be deposited into your account the very same day.

There is the transfer an accounting method that takes 10 business days for the funds to get to your account, and the last most commonly used method is the mailing of a check, this takes 5 business days for the funds to get to your account.

All these methods are meant to give the trader an easier time while transacting at reasonable costs.


E*Trade Customer Support


E*Trade have a formidable customer support service; they have a help tab on their website, a toll-free number, an online customer support service, a live chat and one can always visit any E*Trade branch for personalized help.


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