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AnyOption Review

AnyOption is one of the premier binary option trading firms in the world; it was one of the very first ones to come into the industry after the onset of the industry back in 2008.

This was during the economic collapse, and many people were seeking alternative investments, and the introduction of binary options became a very easy choice since it was not complex and yet it was very affordable.

Binary options were not considered a viable investment vehicle and that is why many countries were not ready to offer regulatory frameworks for this kind of investment.


AnyOption Review


AnyOption like many other binary options brokers around the world found solace in Cyprus, Belize, and Saint Vincent and Grenadines for their licensing since they could not operate without the licenses.

AnyOption is the best binary options firm in the world, and the reason is because of the experience they have acquired as a broker in the binary options industry since its inception.




They are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, and their reference number is 187/12, they are also a member of MiFID which is the regulatory body of all financial bodies in Europe, their main role is to ensure all the services offered are at par with the European Union financial services regulations.

They also have another regulatory body that has licensed them, the FSB. The regulation is for their company Basfour 3773 PTY Ltd, and the reference number is FSD 42020, which is in South Africa.

They have grown by leaps and bounds so far they have coverage in more than 150 countries around the world, which means they serve over a million clients and that is an impressive fete to achieve for any brokerage firm around the world.

Their services are offered on a 24 hour a day 7 days a week basis; the traders can be involved in trading activities all day even the weekends. They have access to over 200 markets which is important for that massive number of clients they back.


AnyOption Review


That means all their clients can trade whichever asset class from a wide range of markets from around the world and especially the markets they know so well.

A chance to trade multiple markets not only opens up the opportunity to spread your risk but also it gives you a chance to maximize on opportunities as a trader.

They have laid out measures to ensure the clients’ funds are well protected, and there is no way the firm can misappropriate client funds, so they have set up bank accounts to segregate the client funds.

They have been involved in the funding good courses for many years, and they have been making a major donation to UNICEF as part of their corporate social responsibility, they give $20000 every year towards facilitating the foundation's activities.


This goes to show that they have a lot of passion even towards the citizens of the world. More information on this can be found on www AnyOption com which is their website and information is very easy to come by.


AnyOption: Accounts and Trading Platforms


AnyOption is one of the few companies in the binary options industry that could create a trading platform that is not only revolutionary but also interactive.

With the same trading platform they have been able to create a new way of trading binary options especially the short term based options, this is called the bubble.



The bubble is based on their new trading platform that was developed to enable a trader to use the bubble feature to set the price and the time duration of the option simultaneously without having to readjust the settings manually.

This has proven to become the best way to trade the short term options and also the long term options alike.

The other types of options they have are the option+, binary 0-100, one touch, and long terms options.

The types of assets to trade are commodities, currencies, stocks and indices.

The trading platform comes along with some advantages; it offers financial news, the trading trends feature which is also the sentiment meter.

They have been offering the market data from the Thomson Reuters which is known to be the best data providers around the world.


AnyOption com: Deposits and Withdrawals


AnyOption has made it easy for their clients to transact and the methods are very easy to use, and they are used daily in other transactions.


anyoption user review


These are the options available; Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer, Skrill, and Neteller, these are the commonly used methods and then there are other methods that are not as common as the aforementioned.

All these options have very important disclaimers noted to them they have additional charges for depositing and withdrawal.


Educational Resources


AnyOption has been improving their client's standpoint by providing them with information which is very important. T

he more equipped their traders are, the more profitable they can be, they have trading guides, the offer VOD guides for beginners and advanced traders, they also have product tutorials, eBooks, and articles.


anyoption com review


All these material is more than enough to grow your basis as a trader and thus become better and more consistent in the future.


Customer Support


AnyOption has various channels that their clients’ can use to get their issues to the company.

They have a live chat for instant access for any inquiries that may arise.

They have a callback feature on their website if the client may need to address an issue on a personal level.

They have FAQs and social media pages that clients can use to access more information and help when needed.


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