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GFT UK - Deposit Funds

GFT UK is one of the best brokers in the world offering the best services in the field of CFD and forex trading.

They pride themselves for the following advantages they offer for their clients from all across the world; they have a strong financial base, a well-tailored education package that fits every learner needs.

They also offer pro guidance and support for their clients all over the world on matters to do with trading and anything affiliated with trading.

They also have sophisticated platforms, but this should not be a cause for alarm rather it should be a reason to be happy because the platforms make up is sophisticated, but the ease of use cannot be downplayed.

They also have a customer support service that will always be there to help you as a client on any issue that arises.


GFT UK Review


GFT are now and therefore when searching for GFT there is a high likelihood that you will be redirected to the page, and this is not a mistake, the GFT accounts were transferred to as of 7th December 2012.

GFT is registered and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority with the reference number 190864.

They have their clients funds segregated in Tier 1 banks which are reputable and thus the safety of client funds is affirmed. In the instance, the brokerage firm went burst the clients are still protected, and the reason is that GFT is a member of FSCS and in that scenario, the clients will still be paid up to 50,000 Pounds.

This is another level of reliability that GFT has added to assure their clients of the levels of safety they setup when it comes to their funds.

GFT is a subsidiary of the larger Gains Capital Holdings, Inc which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as (NYSE: GCAP).

They have a cross-border regulation which adds up to their reliability, and their regulations are in some of the strictest financial jurisdictions in the world, so any acts of malpractice will not suffice.

GFT uses their own funds when clients hedge their positions; this level of commitment to their clients speaks volumes.

They are a brokerage firm, and there are no prop trading activities that take place within the fund.




With the extensive 15 years of experience in the business and 200,000 clients worldwide it is obvious they have the best execution speeds in the trading business; trades executed under 70 milliseconds is very impressive. To add to this, they have a minimum deposit of $250 which is affordable and very respectable for a starting balance.

This is one of the very reasons why they are a favorite among many brokers offering the same services.


GFT Trading Platforms


GFT has an array of trading platforms that offer the best and most efficient trading environments possible.

The trading platforms as aforementioned are sophisticated in their making but they are very easy to use, and that is one of the things that many platforms lack, the sophistication of the built and the ease of operation on the user end.




The FOREX Trader PRO is one of the platforms that GFT has on offer it is customizable in the sense that one can change the charts to their liking and add on to it indicators or other trading tools on offer.

It also has an integrated decision-making tools; these tools help the trader come up with strongly based and well-founded trading decisions.

This is an important component especially for traders who are predominantly technical traders; this will help them give a fundamental backing to their trading decisions.

The trading platform is offered as downloadable software for the Mac and PC; the platform is also available for the Android, iPhone, and iPad mobile devices.



The MT4 platform being the most recognizable platform in the forex and CFD trading industry was an obvious addition to their list of already top notch trading platforms.

The MT4 platform allows automated trading strategies as from orders to trading strategies.

The last of the trading platforms is the Forex ECN, this platform offers an ECN connection and it is meant for professional traders, all trades conducted are commission based, with a client to client trading functionality and a $100000 minimum deposit means that it is meant for the pro trader who wants to have a feel of a true trading environment.

All these platforms are key to the advancements of a trader’s career and with proper platforms like theses it only fits to be profitable.


Educational Resources


GFT UK has a well-structured trading course that is meant to help its clients grow their knowledge of the markets and their trading skills.

They have divided the educational content into sections that are easy to follow. 

They have a videos and tutorials section that has the educational material on offer recorded in a video format; this is very important for beginner traders especially who would gain more from visual representations of what they are being taught.


GFT UK  education


They also have an online course that is broken into two discernable classes; self-taught and instructor-led courses.

They have webinars too which are scheduled and are listed on their site so that their clients can attend and learn new trading tricks.


Deposit Funds and Withdrawals


GFT like any other brokerage firm in the business has offered several choices for depositing funds and withdrawals.


GFT UK  deposit funds


They have a minimum deposit of $250 or the similar amount in Euros or Pounds. This payment can be made via credit or debit card payments, or wire transfers. 

These are the two most common methods, and if the trader finds difficulty with the process, they are not to worry because they can contact the customer service for help and they will definitely come through for you.


GFT Customer Service


GFT has several avenues for customer service; they have a client support panel on their site, live chat, an office address for clients who want to make a visit and a support service that is mainly directed to account opening.


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