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ETX Capital (Demo Account)

ETX Capital is one of the premier brokerage firms in the United Kingdom.

ETX Capital is the trading name of Monecor Ltd; the brokerage firm has been long established and has proven to be one of the best brokers in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world likewise.

ETX Capital has been a member of the London Stock Exchange for a very long time; they were listed back in 1965.

This is one of the markers that prove their reliability and longevity as participants in the financial markets. They are well regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and their reference number is 124721, their company registration number is 00851820.

They offer several assets to trade, and this gives the client a myriad of choices when it comes to developing their portfolio.

They offer forex, spread betting, and CFDs; they also have various account options for their clients in order to satisfy their trading needs.


ETX Capital


For any client who lives in the United Kingdom or wants to visit their offices over there, they find the ETX Capital offices at One Broadgate, London EC2M 2QS. Everything about ETX Capital represents quality and efficiency for the best trading environment for their clients.


ETX Capital: Demo Account


ETX Capital has two very distinct accounts; it offers the live account that can be acquired after depositing the $100 or a similar amount in British Pounds or Euros.

They also have the wide range of demo accounts that will suit the different preferences their traders have.

Their demo accounts are well categorized and easy to use; they have the following demo accounts, CFD demo account, margined forex demo account, spread bet demo account, and the normal MT4 demo account.

The most important thing to consider about the demo account is that it can be used to practice new strategies that you are developing. It can also be used to acquaint yourself with the various assets offered for trading, learning about how they move and behave at different price points and time of day.

The demo account can also be used to using the analytical tools and other features present, especially the entry and exit functions.

ETX Capital demo accounts have been specifically created to be run on the MT4 platform which is a universal platform that is easy to use.


ETX Capital demo account


The same experience you are going to get on a demo account is similar to the live trading account, the only difference in a demo account you do not have real money in play.

The demo account is simply a tool offered to help you improve as a trader and ensure your long-term success with ETX Capital.


ETX Capital Trading Platforms


ETX Capital is one of the few brokerage firms in the financial industry that has developed their own proprietary platforms.


ETX Capital platforms


The ETX Trader Pro is their proprietary platform that has enabled their clients to get very fast executions and data feeds.

The platform has multiple analytical tools, advanced features for news feeds and allows for trade placements with ease on the charts.



ETX Capital also has a web platform that supports all its binary options trades.


ETX Capital demo


The ETX Binary platform is also accessible on the phone because the web platform is optimized to work on several devices and web browsers alike.

The other platform that they offer is the MT4 platform, this platform is very famous among forex traders, and ETX Capital found that it was necessary to include it for clients who have prior knowledge of using it.

The MT4 platform allows the use of expert advisors or automated trading; it also has a wide range of free indicators for technical analysis.

Their MT4 platform offers a wide range of assets with very low spreads.

This supports the trader‘s performance in quite a massive way. In summary, ETX capital clients are spoilt for choices when it comes to the trading platforms on offer; they have tools for whichever trading environment they want to encounter.


Educational Resources


ETX Capital has one of the most comprehensive educational resources in the financial industry.


ETX Capital education


They have seminars or live educational events that they hold from time to time; these events are organized, and the clients are invited to learn and interact with the members of the ETX Capital team.

Their instructors are world class, and they offer tried and tested strategies and other educational material to their clients on these events.

They also have webinars, the same as seminars but these are held online, and these have the ability to get to a wider audience from around the world.

The webinars cover how-to courses on their various trading platforms. They also have a blog and an online news channel that keeps their clients updated on the changes in the financial market.


Deposits and Withdrawals


ETX Capital has several options that the client can utilize when depositing and withdrawing.


ETX Capital deposit


They offer the bank wire transfer, online bank transfer, and lastly major credit and debit cards with the exception of AMEX.

There are extra service charges associated with these transactions; it is important to consult the back office before engaging in any of the stated transactions.

They charge an inactivity fee that stands at 25 Pounds.

They also do not charge a service fee for your first 5 withdrawals within any given month above 100 Pounds.


ETX Capital Customer Support


ETX Capital has broken down its customer support services into sections; this allows each issue to be handled by the corresponding department with ease.

They have a technical department that solely deals with issues concerning the trading platforms and their operations.

There are the trading department and the Your Account department that handles any issues concerning the clients’ accounts.

They have several local and international numbers that the client can use to reach them if they happen to have an issue that needs to be addressed.

Generally, ETX Capital is reliable and has proven to build a track record that cannot be challenged. It is a great brokerage firm to start your trading career with or to further your trading career.


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