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IG Markets in the UK (Review)

IG Markets is without a doubt the most recognizable trading firm in the United Kingdom. They have been in business for quite a while for this reason they have been admired by many brokers and they have been around for thirty-two years.

Within the three decades, they have been able to revolutionize how the investors look at trading, they have been able to introduce new ways of trading, and that makes them one of the industry leaders by far.


IG Markets in the UK (Review)


They were the first brokerage firm in the United Kingdom to come up with the spread betting trading services, and the rest of the industry had to play catch up to them which gave them an advantage, and thus they are the most popular spread betting providers in the United Kingdom and thus the world.

IG Markets has in the years grown its popularity in the CFDs trading arena and because of their illustrious efforts they have been able become the number one CFD provider in the world.


IG Markets


Their ability to offer this product at best rates and over a wide range of markets has made them the mainstay and an appealing option for many traders around the world.

They have been able to this successfully because they are very keen to maintain proper relations when it comes to conduct and regulations.

They are registered as IG Markets Ltd in England and Wales under the reference number 04008957, and they are highly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and their license number is 195355.

They have access to over 10,000 markets which is a very massive number of options for their clients who are at 136100 in number as per the last data collected in 2015.



IG Markets has 17 offices around the world in the most prominent financial districts; this gives them a wide reach and above that they can offer quality services to their client since they have adequate resources to cater for any of their needs.

To be able to achieve the levels of success that they have had in their journey to international recognition, they have had to make major investments in trading technology and other trading tools.

They also have one of the best educational resources in the trading industry by far.


IG Markets: Accolades and Location


IG Markets has become one of the most recognizable companies in the United Kingdom, and for this reason, they have been listed in the FTSE 250 the second most sort after company listing in the United Kingdom based on the company’s market capitalization.

They have also acquired international acceptance, and this has been seen by the numerous awards they have been able to acquire as they continue to improve their services.


IG Markets UK


These awards include the Online Personal Wealth Awards 2015, the Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Spread Betting Provider, and Shares Awards, for Best CFD Provider for the year 2012.

For any client who would want to visit their headquarters in London they will find IG Markets office at Cannon Bridge House, 25 Downgate Hill, London EC4R 2YA, this is their official registered address to if the client wishes to send any proposals by mail.


IG Markets Trading Platforms


Ig markets have invested heavily in their trading technology and for this reason they have been able to create some of the best trading platforms and trading tools available in the industry.

The trading platforms have to be up to the required standards because they also have one of the largest markets access available in the industry.



They offer indices, shares from over 7500 companies and all these are sourced from 34 international markets, and they also offer forex, commodities, binaries and many more asset classes.

With all these options available they had to create trading platforms that could match up to the challenge. They created a trading platform that is web based, and this improves connectivity and speed since most markets today have gone electronic and having the trading platform online will be an added advantage while accessing the markets.

The trading platform has some features and tools that make it one of a kind; when a trader chooses an asset, the trader is given a choice to trade via the ProRealTime charts or the IG charts.


IG Markets Review


It also has a watch list feature where a trader can create their own asset watch list, and it can be edited at any time.

The trading platform has a customizable layout that can be altered to suit the trader’s desired. It also gives the trader access to full market depth with Direct Market Access, and this is available for forex and the CFD traders.


Educational Resources


IG Markets has been in the trading business for quite a long time and within this time they have could acquire valuable information about the markets.

The information has been compiled, and it has been used for quite a while to provide educational information for their clients.

IG Markets has realized the importance of having an informed group of traders; they know that the traders who are informed have a better chance of becoming successful and thus their longevity in the markets can be expected.


IG Markets UK Review


They are also pro client; they know a profitable client will choose to stick with them for longer periods of time rather than a losing trader who will opt to bail when things do not go as planned.

The education is categorized into sections that are easily accessible from their website. They offer free webinars for their clients, seminars, articles and guides, introductory courses to trading, monthly newsletters, spread betting books and guides, and they have the IG Trading Academy App that has a course style structured course for in-depth learning.


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