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eToro Review UK (2016)

eToro is one of the simplest trading platforms available in the market. The company has invested on user-friendly platform that allows over four million users to trade.

Further, the company has ensured that eToro provides their clients with a wide range of financial instruments including forex, metals, commodities, stocks, and indices among other tools. This is the best option for individuals who are looking to trade on a four step trading system.

The four steps include signing up, finding a top trader, copying their trades, and monitoring and managing the trade. The user-friendly platform combines one click trades, price alerts, and automated trading that suit the needs of very client.


eToro Review UK (2016)


eToro is a verified platform registered with the CFTC and a member of NFA. The company values honest and is vigilant in ensuring that it creates a fair and honest trading environment for the users. Users are therefore guaranteed that the services provided are legit and therefore can freely trade using the platform.

The company encourages every person to engage in social trading, this is because they provide an opportunity for every person to easily set up an account and start calling on trades.

In addition, they guarantee the users that the platform has a way of engaging them in the trading process and therefore have an opportunity make a living out of a less tedious process.

eToro makes trading to a fun process. This is because they understand that the market trading is traditionally boring and dry and therefore there is a need to bring some excitement into the process.

The company also has mobile applications that allow the users to access the online platforms that tap into the market and a massive trading community. The company introduced the fun concept of the trading process, an aspect that most of the trading companies in the market also intend to emulate.




Clients are able to make their deposits using the online platforms such as PayPal, MoneyGram, Neteller, WebMoney, and credit card deposits. As a result, the users are able to send and receive cash at ease, which eases the trading process.

In addition, the company has set a reasonable minimum initial deposit to $200 or $500. Further, the client is expected to fill an online form in order to be able to withdraw funds.

For users who have questions about how much they need to invest, the company provides extensive guidance in order to ensure that you have a complete knowledge of what is expected of you.


eToro Trading Platform


eToro Review 2016 shows that the company has the unique and innovative trading platform compared to what other trading companies have provided to the market. The company has maximized on the use of a forex trading program that provides a gaming experience to the retail trader.

The trader therefore does not go through all the pressure that comes with working as a forex trader because the platform is able to perform most of the function on their behalf. The brand is a true representation of social trading tools that provides crucial information irrespective of whether the client is a newbie or an expert.

The experts are able to build financial weight from the information collected through this system. Further, they are also able to connect the significance of the tool in as far as performing, as a forex trader is concerned.

By now, it is clear that one of the main reasons that this platform has been able to perform well in the market is because of the fact that it is user-friendly. As a result, it provides a lot of support to a beginner. eToro provides numerous guidelines and tutorials about their trading platform.

They also have a trading forum that provides a platform for traders to share their experiences and the lessons they have learn throughout the whole process. As a result, there is an easier access to information and the users are able to avoid making similar mistakes that other traders made in the past.

Contrary to the features in other trading platforms, eToro allows the user to follow the progress and performance of other traders. The platform has put more emphasis on the importance of networking as a trader.

In addition, they provide an opportunity for users to copy the trades of other successful peers automatically which then raises their probability in as far as making profits is concerned.

The platform also has a demo account available for the beginners. This demo account is for those who intend to try out trade and therefore they receive a free sign up for these platforms. The company has ensures that the clients have access to all the features present in a real account.

As a result, the trader is able to learn the tricks in trading and understand how the concepts are brought together. This same knowledge will also be crucial when they start to operate a real account.

They will be able to avoid the mistakes they made when operating a demo account and further familiarize with the account before they can think about risking their money.


Why eToro?


The eToro UK review presented above confirm on the ability of this platform to support a beginner in the forex business. This is because the platform the user to have access to information and therefore is able to make sound judgment about the events taking place in the market.

The account also requires a client to pay a minimal initial capital. As a result, the trader does not risk a lot of money. There is also the fact that the system allows the user to copy trades by other successful traders in the forum.

As a result, the ability of the trader to perform in the market is almost guaranteed. These among other factors make eToro a convenient method of trading for a beginning trader.


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