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HotForex Review

You may be caught up in a rut trying to figure out which is the best trading firm to work with and truth be told this is one of the toughest things you can experience, but in the long run you always conclude that you are the key to your success in the markets but a great partner is a solid part of that journey, and not many brokerage firms fit this part like perfectly.

If this is you, then stop looking any further and get to know HotForex one of the premier brokerage firms in the world.

They have been able to achieve great successes in the business, and for a good reason, they have values that no one can discount as the winning formula to any great brokerage firm that has been and may want to be in the future.


HotForex Review


One of the things that stand out on their values is the focus on their clients, and that is clearly seen all through their values. This means one thing that they understand where their success comes from.

Their very first value is impressing their clients through their services, and this may seem over the top, but it is a sign that they are client centered.




They also value the passion and determination that their team exhibits because this will translate to top notch service delivery. They also know that a respectful business environment will always encourage cordial working relationships.

They also respect client feedback and through the feedback they are able to make adjustments and better their services.

The aspect of the family and cohesive nature in their company is evident, and this makes all their clients relaxed and felt like part of the wider HotForex family.

In addition, values such as taking responsibility and embracing change and also opening communication channels will always ensure that every party is respected and thus optimum working conditions. For anyone who is in doubt if their performance, then the numbers will make much more sense to you.

They have since their inception acquired more than 350,000 live accounts registered that is only within 6 years in the business thus a massive growth curve.

They have also employed more than 140 employees all over the world, and this means that they have multiple languages used for support, 22 to be exact.

They have been recognized and have won over 18 industry awards that are more than other brokers who have been in the business longer.


HotForex awards


The statistics only prove that they ae one of the best and they are still passionate towards their growth and potential and commitment to their clients. Many will not be impressed until they hear that they are regulated not in one but two regulatory regions.

They are regulated in St. Vincent and Grenadines and Mauritius as well under their parent company HF Markets Group a well-respected financial firm in the world.

Furthermore, their clients’ funds are segregated and are ranked in top tier banks around the world, so at no one time, the client funds will be misappropriated.


HotForex Trading Platforms


One of the core values is innovation, and that can only be envisioned on the types of trading platforms offered by a broker. This is one of the reasons that separates HotForex com from the rest of the fray.

They have quite the range of trading platforms that makes them quite the choice for any serious trader. They have a good mix of third party platforms as well as proprietary trading platforms that traders can select from.


HotForex platforms


They have the MT4 trading platform in two variations; they have the normal platform and the web terminal MT4 platform.

This means that a client can choose to work with the fixed spread account or the current market spreads account, either way, you are going to have the best experience either of the accounts.

They did not stop there; they know that each trader needs to have that flexibility that is one of the advantages of being a trader, and thus they created the web trading across various browsing platforms.

They also support automated trading and mobile trading, and that makes them very appealing to the wider market.

Also, they offer extra tools to support your trading, and this is very thoughtful since every trader needs that edge to make it in this tough markets. 




HotForex Educational Resources


HotForex com knows that every trader’s success is highly hinged on their ability to make sense of the opportunities presented to them in the markets.

That is why HotForex has the education section on their website; they have broken down their resources into easy to read sections, the beginner section where the newbies get a chance to get introduced to the markets and how they work.


HotForex education


They also have lessons on economic indicators and their impact on the market. They also have webinars that give the learners a chance to learn from live and practical examples, in addition to the webinars there is a library of trading videos that can be a good tool for reviewing lessons.

In addition, the clients get a chance to get the free forex e-book, and in addition, there is a glossary that helps with the terms.


HotForex Customer Support


Their core value that addresses the customer support experience is fully vindicated; they have one of the best customer support services in the world.

They have live chat support on their website that a client can use to contact the broker directly that is if you have an account or not.

They have contact information if you wish to call, in addition to the conventional support channels they also have the social media platforms that are very active, and from their ages, you will be able to get the information you need in the much-relaxed platform.


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