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Finspreads Review

Finspreads is one of the premiers spread betting firms in the United Kingdom and its advancements and experience in the spread betting industry makes it one of the best and most sort after spread betting firms in the world.

Finspreads is the trading name for GAINS Capital Ltd which is a subsidiary of GAINS Holding Inc, which is registered on the New York Stock Exchange as (NYSE: GCAP).


Finspreads Review


This is a clear sign that Finspreads is widely recognized the brand and the regulations from different jurisdictions keep its operations strictly under control.

Finspreads is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, and their reference number is FNR 113942. They are also registered in England and Wales, and their registration number is 1761813, and the Vat number is 5248374335.

All these levels of regulations are simply meant to comply with the set laws of their areas of jurisdiction, and they are mainly meant to build a sense of trust with their wide range of clients.

Finspreads has not taken a break with ensuring that their clients have the best services and thus they have laid processes to protect their clients’ funds in segregated accounts in reputable banking institutions, this ensures that the client funds will never be used to offset any of Finspreads expenses.

Apart from that, they have also anticipated the changes that will be happening soon concerning the clearing of trades made on Over The Counter derivative products.



For this reason, Finspreads has already started clearing their clients’ trades using a trusted clearing firm that has been handling large institutional transactions for many years.


Back to the History


Finspreads has been on the forefront of trade technology advancements, and this can be proven by being the very first spread betting brokerage firm that introduced a fully functional browser-based trading platform in the industry and this was back in 1999 when there was a very little advancement in this area of the trading industry.

Without a doubt, this gave them a head start, and this has helped them create the best most advanced spread betting web trading platform in the world called the Advantage Web.

They have also taken key steps in developing dedicated mobile trading platforms that can stand against any market condition out there and still function at their best.




Finspreads have a wide range of markets available for their traders, traders have access to 12,000 markets, and this is without a very massive number of assets available for trading; these markets give access to a wide range of indices products, shares, and forex currencies.

They have three different accounts for their traders; these accounts have been broken into categories as per the level of skill of the trader and the risk tolerance of the trader.


Finspreads Review


This is very important because every trader has their own personality and it is important to work within that realm to ensure peak performance.

They have very tight spreads up to one point, and the trade sizes are as low as 10p per point.

This is part of their efforts to offer their clients’ the tools that align properly with risk management.

Finspreads also notifies their client’s that spread betting is exempt from the UK stamp Duty and Capital Gains Tax, but this may change based on an individual basis and spread betting attracts a lot of risks that may lead to the loss of trading capital in totality.


Finspreads Trading Platform


The Advantage Web from Finspreads is one of the best browser based trading platforms, and the following features prove this very fact.

The web-based platform has a watch list feature that allows the traders to add on to it the assets they are trading at the moment or will be trading in the future.


Finspreads platforms


This watch list feature allows the trader to easily open and view the asset of choice without having to find it within the wider asset index.

The platform also has an advanced charting feature that allows the trader to customize the charts by changing the interface or the chart type, and also the trader can apply charting tools and indicators while conducting their analysis.

The chart also has a firm quotes feature and an accurate price tracker that is not open to the beginner trader account, but it is open to the other two.

The trader needs to keep himself informed of any advancements or changes in the market they are trading, and that means one thing, the trader will need news and up to date news at that, and Finspreads have not failed their clients they have a feature that streams up to date news.

Their mobile platform, on the other hand, is one to behold. It has the capacities of the web-based platform and a whole lot more; it has the same access to the 12000 markets as the web platform, it has a live charting package, it has the news stream feature, a watch list tab, access to different order types and position charts for opened trades.

It also comes with an account summary feature and its tabs are fully customizable to the liking of the trader. The mobile platform is available on Android and iOS and their corresponding tablets.


Finspreads mobile



Finspreads Educational Resources


Finspreads have created an educational training program that is meant to improve the level of knowledge and skill for all their clients.

They have done it in a structured manner in that the trader gets the education and training as per their account type. This enables each client to get what they deserve in accordance with the stage of development they are at. 

The trading is modular, and it takes 8 weeks to complete, that period is quite long, but it is deservedly so.

The training entails the following; risk management training, psychological side of trading, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and tips on spread betting. This is a comprehensive training exercise that yields profitable traders.


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