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Interactive Brokers in the UK

Interactive Brokers have been without a doubt the best trading firm in the world. Everything about screams quality and innovation, they have been on the forefront of bringing quality services to the clients both on the institutional front and on the individual level traders.

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They have one of the best trading platforms in the world coupled with new technology. The more you learn about Interactive Brokers, the more you realize that they are far beyond the normal brokers in the same space. They are setting industry standards from all fonts, and that is what every broker should be striving to do.


Interactive Brokers in the UK


One might ask why Interactive Brokers and the following aspects will help you make that decision for yourself.


Interactive Brokers


Firstly they have one of the lowest trading costs and best execution in the industry; this is the main reason why many traders around the world prefer them to the many others in the same space.

Secondly, they have access to global markets, and they have a global presence; they are in 24 countries presently and the offered access to over 100 markets.

They offer quality education in their website and in addition to that they have secondary information resources that are useful to the trader’s development.

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They are very keen on protecting their client’s information, and they have high-end strength and security measures that are indicative of their willingness to run a safe trading environment.

They have also been on the forefront of publishing extensive trading reports for their clients so that they can have that higher understanding of their trading performance and what they need to work on to improve or refine it even more to get even better results.

They have one of the best and most developed trading technology in the world; their trading platform are sophisticated on the back end, but they are very easy to interact with on the front end.


Interactive Brokers UK


They are also keen on providing their clients with risk management tools so that they can make informed decisions when they trade the markets.

The last thing that makes them the best option is the number of awards they have won over the years; they have consistently been awarded the best broker in the world by Barron’s from year to year.

This means that they have kept very high standards on every aspect of their firm and that is quite encouraging for a potential client and also for those who are already their clients.

Coupled with all these reasons Interactive Brokers has a massive equity base to the tune of $5 billion and 39 years of experience no wonder they have been able to keep those high standards for the longest time now.


Interactive Brokers markets


Apart from that, they are heavily regulated because of their presence in several countries around the world; the most notable regulatory bodies are SEC, FINRA, NYSE, and FCA and others include HKFE.

They have been able to provide full-time employment for over 900 individuals, and this team facilitates their ability to execute more than 1000000 trades every single day. They also have a wide array of markets that can be traded; forex, CFDs, futures, bonds, options, and stocks.


Interactive Brokers Trading Platform


Interactive Brokers have one of the most superior trading platforms in the world. They have their trading platforms categorized based on the media they are being used at; they have the mobile trading platform, that is available both for Android and iOS devices.



This mobile platform is meant for traders who are consistently on the move, and they have very little time to sit at their desks and access the markets.

This mobile trading platform enables the trader to manage their open positions or enter positions when the opportunities arise.

They also have a desktop trading platform that is called the Trade Workstation (TWS), this is an in-house trading platform that was created by their very competent technology team.

This trading platform is the dream trading platform for ant retail trader who wants to have this professional approach to the market. The platform is an advantage, and it has a big part in the performance exhibited by their clients.

This trading platform has several features that make it desirable; it has a feature called the TWS mosaic, which is simply the screen layout of the platform, everything is well arranged, and there are added functions on the platform that are meant to give the client an upper hand while trading.



They also have a feature called the classic TWS which is a feature that helps in quick order entries. The other feature is research news and market data that offers the live trader news that is streamed to their trading platform directly; gone are the days when you had to shuffle between your web browser and the trading platform.

The other notable feature is the real-time monitoring tool; this feature allows you to check your account window, create and edit your watch list, margin requirements are listed clearly, you get alerts, you can monitor your open positions, and lastly check your profit and loss tab directly from the trading platform.


Interactive Brokers watchlist


They also have a web trading platform that also comes with a wide range of features that can be seen on their website. They offer trading tools to help the trader make better and well-founded trading decisions; these are; algos and trading tools, risk management tools, and paper trading tools. 


Educational Resources


Interactive Brokers know how beneficial it is to have an educated group of clients and that is why they have created a comprehensive trading education sections that are well categorized into trader university and other resources.

Under the trader university, there is webinars, IB short videos, courses and tours, documentation, applications, tools and widgets, trader’s glossary, and lessons on exchanges from around the world. The other resources section covers probability lab, trader’s insight, bulletins and the economic calendar.


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