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Capital Spreads Review

Capital Spreads is one of the leading trading firms in the United Kingdom. Capital Spreads is the trading name used by London Capital Group, Capitals Spreads is mostly known as LCG.

London Capital Group is wholly owned by the London Capital Groups Holdings (LCGH Plc) that is registered both in England and Wales under the registration number, 05497744.

Capital Spreads is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and it is listed in the London Stock Exchange, it has been registered under the number 3218125. This goes to show that the trading firm is well respected and its reliability is well documented.

Capital Spreads has been offering its services for nearly 20 years and within that time it has won several accolades from the financial industry. It has won numerous awards that range from service provision to innovativeness especially when it comes to its platforms.

Capital Spreads offers security for its client’s funds, they have all their clients funds deposited in Tier 1 banks, this way the funds are safe and can be easily accessed by their clients whenever requested.

They offer various tradable instruments; forex, indices, shares, commodities and a selection of bonds and interest rates. These assets are assortments from 4000 different markets.


Capital Spreads Review on Accounts


Capital Spreads has two account types based on what they trader wants to be actively involved in. they have a CFD account and a Spread Betting account.

These two accounts offer various advantages, for the trader who is an active CFD trader will enjoy the low spreads and competitive pricing offered by the corresponding account.

The trader who has is more focused on betting on the direction that a particular asset will move towards will enjoy using the Spread Betting account. This account offers fast execution and very low spreads across the instruments traded.

This gives the trader an opportunity to get in and out of his position fast enough and make a good profit from their trades. Capital Spreads has a live account and demo account for both account types.


Capital Spreads Review on the Trading Platforms


Capital Spreads has two types of trading platforms on offer. Capital Spreads has obviously spent a great deal of time thinking about improving their clients’ performance and that is why they offer top notch platforms for them.

They offer the MT4 trading platform that is widely used and it is quite the professional platform for many traders. Capital Spreads realized that there was need to have a proprietary platform that would enhance the trading experience and give their traders a choice from the normal.

They created the LCG Trader platform that is very innovative, the platform has an improved pricing model for its assets and thus faster execution. It has access to all assets provided by the firm; their charting package is easy to use but also offers advanced tools to improve the trader’s analytical experience.

Their MT4 platform has 30 in-built indicators and an access to 2000 more that are custom made for an improved take on market analysis. The platform offers low spreads and competitive pricing for the tradable instruments.

Both platforms have their corresponding mobile platforms that are accessible through apps that can be downloaded from the iOS and Android stores; this is for the trader who is on move. The trader has a choice to use either or one of the platforms to perform their trading activities.


Capital Spreads Review on Withdrawal and Deposits


Capital Spreads have made it easy for its clients to access and deposit funds from their accounts; they have several options that are open for their clients to use.

They offer the VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, and online bank transfer. All these options are more than enough to fund your account with some money and also to withdraw your profits by.

Since the funds are held by Tier 1 banks, accessing your funds will be handled in safe and secure manner. There are charges attached to each of the funding methods so it is important to inquire before to avoid any inconveniences.


Capital Spreads Education and Market Analysis


Capital Spreads have been on the forefront in offering educational resources to its clients and also other people who want to get involved in the financial markets.

They have an education resource section in their website, they offer live seminars and webinars for their clients and they also have educational videos that cover various topics. The topics covered are from platform tutorials to trading basics.

They also have a very professional market analysis team that covers different sectors of the market, giving their view of what to expect during various trading sessions.

The market analysis is important for traders because they get to have a different perspective from their own of how the markets are at the moment.


Capital Spreads customer Support


Capital Spreads have utilized the internet to maximize their customer support services. They have a live chat that clients can use to reach the support team 24/7. They have telephone numbers dedicated for various departments within the firm that clients can use as per their needs.

They also have an e-mail that is specifically meant for customer support and they also be accessed through their social media pages for a more relaxed interaction. With all these channels to reach them, clients can only feel appreciated more and more.




Capital Spreads, has been in the finance industry long enough to know what works and what does not. That is why they have checked out all the relevant boxes that are important in offering these services.

They are well regulated and they have a presence across the globe. They also know that rewarding their customers with deposit bonuses encourages them to be more active in their trading activities.

Their select assets that are well priced with low spreads are also a bonus for every trader who wants to be part of the Capital Spreads family. I will recommend them highly to any interested party.


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