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ETXCapital is one of the most recognizable brokerage firms in the United Kingdom to date. ETXCapital is the trading name of the better known financial company known as Monecor limited who have been in the financial industry for quite a while now.

Monecor Ltd has been a member of the London Stock Exchange since the year 1965. This is one of the reasons ETXCapital has been viewed as a reliable and trustworthy brokerage firm.

Even though Monecor Ltd has been around for quite a while, ETXCapital came to be in the year 2002, which is still a while ago. Within that period, they have could weather one of the most damning moments in the world’s economic standpoint; the 2008 Mortgage Crisis. 

This is a reason that has made them even more alluring to their clients. Apart from the fact that they are affiliated with a well-known financial company that has been around for quite a while they also have been registered as a company in the United Kingdom, their registration number is 00851820.

They are regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct authority under the reference number 124721.


ETXCapital Review


They have come a great way, and they have made sure their name ETXCapital represents just that which they stand for; it stands for Electronic trading, Telephone trading, and Execution services thus (E.T.X).

They took a major step towards growth when they embarked on a daring plan to grow their services around the world as from the year 2010-2015, and they have been successful in this venture since they have been able to grow their services to Germany, South Africa, France, Portugal, Denmark, Romania, and China.



They have been able to reach out new clients from around the world using these affiliate programs. They did not stop at this rather they also added new technology to their company, they included a new service which was the binary options service and they also launched the MT4 trading platform in 2012 to give their clients a choice between the TraderPro trading platform and the newly launched MT4.

They have also been aggressive when it comes to growth, and that was evident when they acquired the largest spread betting and CFD provider in Ireland.

After acquiring Shelbourne Markets they went ahead and acquired their long-term platform technology provider Ariel and made them an in-house addition to all their technology-based problems.




ETXCapital through their mergers and acquisitions through the years they have proven that they are a financial company that is driven towards creating a conducive environment for their traders and more so better trading technology, a wide range of asset classes, faster and seamless execution.

For more information on the history of ETXCapital, you can get their information on www ETXCapital co uk.


ETXCapital Trading Platforms


ETXCapital is very keen on providing the best trading platforms available in the business. Before going out to get a third party trading platform they were keen to learning about their clients’ needs and requirements and they created a platform that matched their clients’ needs the TraderPro trading platform.

This platform may come as a surprise to many who have been used to the conventional MT4 that is widely used the reason being this platform is much more powerful, interactive, fast executions very low spreads and it is easy on the eyes thus making it more of an experienced trading through it.




The TraderPro platform has some of the following characteristics that make it unique and very alluring to use; it has advanced charting capabilities, drawing tools, it also has a one click trading capability and a pip calculator tool that you can use to calculate you pi value for every trade entry you have on.

The Trader pro platform offers very tight spread on the major forex pairs and the list of tradable assets in the platform is quite massive giving the trader a choice when creating their portfolio.

The TraderPro platform comes with another ace up its sleeve, for the technology savvy trader who wants to keep in touch with the market can do so by downloading the mobile platform to their Android or iOS phone.



ETXCapital also have the MT4 platform that has some features that make it very likable and interesting to use; it has the capability of handling expert advisors or automated trading strategies; it also has multi-chart features and multi-timeframe features.

Apart from that the trader can hedge their trades, trade with very small trade sizes up to a micro lot in addition to this the trader can also monitor their open trades through the MT4 mobile platform that is available for the Android, iOS, and iPad mobile devices.

ETXCapital being the diverse brokerage firm they are also added to their list of services binary options and as they did this they also ensured they had a binary trading platform that could handle anything the users could throw at it and that is why many binary options traders have found solace in trading binary options through ETXCapital.


Deposit and Withdrawal


ETXCapital has a wide range of choices when it comes to money transactions. They have ensured their clients have the best options and thus they will always have an easier time making their deposits and withdrawals.

They have the normal wire bank transfer, the online bank transfer, major credit and debit card transfer options. All the stated options are very easy to use, and they have instructions that are required before using either of the methods listed above.



The brokerage firm, ETXCapital, will give you the information in a clear and precise manner and if something is not clear they have several support platforms to help you through the funding or withdrawal process.

It is important to know that there are charges attached to these transactions by the third party service provider.


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