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www iii co uk is the website for Interactive Investors one of the leading in the United Kingdom. They opened their stockbroking business to the public back in the year 1995, and, since, they have grown to become one of the leaders in the stock broking business not only in the United Kingdom but also in the world.

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They have since acquired other financial-related companies, and this has helped improve their service provision drastically.

They acquired Moneywise in 2004, and afterward, Moneywise acquired Money Observer in 2008, this move has made Interactive Investors one of the most popular stock brokerage firms when it comes to research and news delivery on matters to do with the financial market.


iii co uk: Review


Their company is registered under the name Interactive Investors Trading Limited, but the name Interactive Investors is the trading name.

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The company registration number is 3699618, and the VAT registration number is 832673226, and in addition to this they are authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. www iii co uk internet presence has been felt greatly, and that is why they have been able to attract 7.4 million unique visitors every year.



From those numbers, it is possible to have acquired new clients who have become their core reason for growth and development.


www iii co uk: Account Types


www iii co uk has become one of the most extensive account types available for their investors either the locally based investors or the international investors who seek their services.

They have a well-balanced mix of account types, and that gives the client a wide array of choice when they decide to invest.

The accounts are also easy to select from, and they have all been categorized on their website www iii co uk in a clear manner.

They have the share and fund accounts for all the traders who want to invest in shares and structured funds that have a well-balanced mix of shares that have been profitable for a good period of time. They also offer ISAs and Junior ISAs (JISAs), they have the self-directed investment option; the SIPPs.


www iii co uk


Under their accounts, they also have the spread betting, and CFDs accounts for all those speculative traders who have learned the skills to profit from this high-risk, high-reward investment vehicles.

They also have a forex trading account for the currency traders; their spreads are very tight and that makes them very desirable and appealing to the active currency trader.

They also offer their clients a free research account to help them with their analysis either technical or fundamental analysis.

They understand how important it is to give their clients access to information which is key to consistency for any trader playing the markets.


www iii co uk: Investment Products


www iii co uk provides a wide range of investment products for the rather long term investors or the position traders as they are known.

Under their products, they have shares, unit trusts and OEICs, clean fund conversion, investment trusts, retail bonds, ETFs, bonds and gilts, and new issues and IPOs.

With all the above-mentioned investment products as a client, you can create a proper mix of investment products to put yourself at a winning advantage.


www iii co uk internet


They also offer investment advice, and that is very important for newbie investors who may need some hand holding before making the decision.

They are also very conscious about the client’s goals as per the investments they want to make. They categorize the client’s goals in classes of regular investing, frequent trader, refer a friend, mobile trading or international investing, www iii co uk will always be there to cover you as an investor.

They also have advanced products that are mainly focused towards that trader who wants to try those types of products.

The advanced investment products are spread betting and CFDs, short and leveraged ETFs, VCTs, structured products and covered warrants.

They also have a section dedicated to investment ideas, and they have categorized these ideas skillfully to ensure their clients have an easier time getting the ideas they need.

They have the idea hub, model portfolios, and ready-made fund selection, share Sleuth portfolio, stock watch, chart of the week and take AIM with Andrew Hore investment ideas. 


www iii co uk: Share Representation


www iii co uk have been so concise with their share representation, and they have gone a notch higher to have proper representations of their shares in a clear manner.

When you search for shares as their symbols are listed on the LSE or their particular exchanges you are going to get enough information to make a decision on.

When you search for www iii co uk GKP, you will find the information of the listed company which is Gulf Keystone Petroleum Ltd. You are going to get their share performance, fundamental data, technical insight, equity research, and media on that company, latest news, codes and symbols, and user holdings.


www iii co uk GKP


When you search www ii co uk QPP, you are going to find information about the Quindell Ltd a transport company that has undergone a major shakeup at the beginning of 2015 and the woes may have led to their bankruptcy.

When you search www iii co uk XEL, you are going to find the information of the Xcite Energy Ltd that is also a major player in the energy industry in the manner described above.


www iii co uk XEL


This gives the client an edge since they can access all the information they need on any particular stock at one place which improves efficiency.


www iii co uk: Share Dealing


As a brokerage firm their main asset, if interest is the share and share dealing, is at the core of their business.


www iii co uk share dealing


They have very nice deals on their share dealing services, and there is no doubt they are a favorite among their competitors.

The charge 10 pounds per shares dealt for the UK and international shares, the frequent traders get a 5-pound discount, while buying UK shares using the regular investment you pay 1.50 pounds. A quarterly fee that covers for the first two trades of every quarter of 20 pounds is paid.


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