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iDealing Review

iDealing is one of the brokerage firms in the United Kingdom that have been instrumental in providing the quality European stocks for the greater European community.

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They opened shop back in the year 2000, and they have been growing in leaps and bounds since then. They have two offices to ensure that their large number of clients has the required services and the quality of their services is maintained.


iDealing Review


They are in London, United Kingdom and Champ-Elysees in Paris, France. They provide securities mainly European securities from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Belgium and other European countries.

They are members of the London Stock Exchange, Euronext Amsterdam, Euronext Brussels, Euronext Paris and Chi-X Europe. With all these partnerships, their clients will always have more than enough tradable assets to get involved in, and this makes them very desirable for any trader who wants to specialize mainly in European stocks.

As a broker iDealing has to be registered as the company first before they are able to offer their services to any client. They have been registered in England and Wales as Limited, and their company number is 3722932.




They have very many measures put in place to protect their clients’ funds and their credibility if it came to the point that they went bust. Clients’ funds have been segregated, and they have been categorized as client money/ assets which are a regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority which regulates them.

When it comes to the point that iDealing goes bust and their creditors follow up on their payments, they will not be able to touch the client funds and assets which are a measure that ensures total protection of the clients.

They are also members of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme where all their clients are covered to a certain limit, more this information can be accessed through the FSCS website.

The more measures there are, the better, and that is why iDealing has added another layer of protective measures by applying for a Professional Indemnity insurance cover for 1,000,000 Pounds. This is just a confirmation that they are willing to protect their clients and their business in cases anything happens at any given time. 

They have a number of instruments available for their traders for trading; they have stocks, futures, forex, options, ETFs, bonds, funds, spread bets, CFDs, and other securities. These are available for the individual investors and the discretionary brokers and asset managers.

They offer an individual investors access to the following advantages; standard ISA, JISA, margin accounts, and SIPP. For the individual investors, they also get access to the proprietary trading platform that will facilitate easy buying and selling.



The individual investors may also want access to financial advisors, and iDealing provides them with this resource. They have a package for financial advisors who through third party authorization systems can be able to gain access to the client accounts.

For financial advice, the trader can appoint a fund manager to take charge of their accounts and get reports issued and their management fees collected. As a broker of their stature, they have attracted the attention of the larger institutions such as discretionary brokers and asset managers.

This group is offered proprietary systems to allow them to manage an unlimited number of accounts at a go at any given market conditions.


iDealing Markets


iDealing has become one of the most sought after brokers among European traders because they have many instruments on offer.


iDealing Review


The securities that they are a part of our members to they offer direct access which is an important aspect for any trader who wishes to become successful in the long term. The securities from the major exchanges are offered Over the Counter and by the Rsp Gateway.

iDealing offers spread bets and CFDs as an in-house instrument and together with that they offer currencies and options.


iDealing CFD


As a member of the London Stock Exchange; they get to offer equities listed, bonds, ETFs, and options. They are also members of the Euronext in Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels; they get access to their equities, bonds, ETFs, and options. Via the Rsp Gateway, they get to offer their clients equities, bonds, and ETFs. 

Their clients have a wide range of assets to choose from and that gives them an advantage since they can create well-balanced portfolios.


iDealing Trading Platforms


iDealing has been on the forefront when it comes to trading technology. Like every other broker, they have been advancing their trading platform to fit their trading needs and mostly those of their clients.

That is why they went forth to create their proprietary web trading platform called an iDeal Dashboard; this trading platform comes with some features that make it one of a kind and a very reliable platform to use. It allows the trader get real-time data streamed directly to the web trading platform from the different exchanges.


iDealing mobile


Some of the exchanges require that you as the trader subscribe for market data, which is relatively cheap if you are profitable and consistent in your performance.

The platform also has a watch list available where you can monitor your favorite assets from which is easier than trying to get the instruments from the lists.

The trader can place the trades directly from the platform for efficiency, and the process is quite easy too. iDealing has a mobile platform that is available on Android and iOS platforms.

The trading platform allows the trader to place and monitor orders from the phone and also monitor the portfolio created.


iDealing Charting Packages


The charting packages offered are of daily historical charts and real-time intraday charts.

The charts come with some functionalities that make them reliable; comparison charts, function charts where the trader can apply indicators for technical analysis, and lastly min/max charts where one can study the historical spread behavior of particular instrument.


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