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XTB in the UK (Review)

There are few brokerage firms around the world that manage to get into the industry and become game changers, and when this happens, the financial world is bound to know.

Back in 2002, such a thing happened when a Polish brokerage firm that is also registered in the United Kingdom was established, XTB.

This brokerage firm has risen fast through the ranks, and it is fast being established as a major player in the forex and CFD market.


XTB UK: Review


As per now, XTB UK is the fourth largest stock exchange listed forex and CFD provider in the world, and that is one accolade that amplifies your position in any market.

This type of hype will elevate any company to global standards, and that is exactly what happened with XTB, they have expanded their reach, and they have offices in more than 10 countries around the world.

They have a wider reach in Europe because that is their region of operation although they have expanded to other continents which have helped attract new clients who have improved the dynamic of the brokerage firm.

A company like XTB has several reasons why they are deemed reliable; first, they are a registered company in Poland and the United Kingdom, the registration number for XTB UK is 07227848.




Furthermore, they are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with the reference number as 522157.

Apart from the United Kingdom financial regulatory bodies, there are other bodies across Europe that add a regulatory buffer to the already existing ones; these bodies include KNF, BaFin, and CMB among others.

The need to have these regulatory frameworks is to improve the quality of service and products offered to their clients.

Another reason that makes XTB quite reliable is the kind of client support they offer, this support is not in the form of personalized customer support but also in the form of client fund protection.

The brokerage firm knows that it is not always the sunshine and rainbows, so they have incorporated the service of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to their client fund protection.

Each client stands to be compensated 50,000 Pounds in the case that XTB UK loses its financial position. this type of client consciousness is what makes them quite alluring.



XTB knows that every brokerage firm has something that sets them apart from the rest of the pack, so they have invested heavily into new trading technology and due to this endeavors they have been able to create one of the most powerful proprietary trading platforms that have gone to win numerous awards within the financial industry.

They also offer personalized education to their clients if this is not enough they have also incorporated value trading; this means they award their clients with incentives especially the most active ones.

They also ensure their traders have a wide range of markets to trade up to 3000 in number and in addition the also have forex, CFDs, and commodities to bump up their product base.

They have a leverage a maximum of 200:1 this coupled with tight spreads makes it one of the best brokerage firms to choose if you are looking for one or it can also work as a good addition to your list brokerage firms.

As the saying goes all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, XTB UK made a move into the world of sports as the official sponsors of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team back in the year 2010.


XTB Trading Platforms


Trading technology is key to the growth of any financial institution, and so if a firm fails to improve on their technology, they will, in turn, fail to give their clients the services they deserve.

That is why XTB has made it their goal to be the best trading technology providers in the world. They have done so in quite some fashion; they have a proprietary trading platform that has revolutionized the way their traders conduct their trading activities.

The trading platform is available on the web, desktop, tablet, mobile and smartwatch devices; this means there is no way the trader will miss an opportunity to trade the markets and make a buck in whichever situation they are in.




As a trader you want to be able to monitor your open positions even when you are away from your computer and the mobile devices have been optimized to do just that in an easy and manageable manner.

Their proprietary trading platform is called xStation 5, and it has been the recipient of an Online Personal Wealth Award for the Best Trading Platform for the year 2016.

Some of the features that make it quite the show stopper include; a trading calculator that helps you ascertain your risk and reward before placing a trade, this will help you make a better decision.

It also offers advanced chart trading for the savvy traders, and it also has the trader statistic feature which helps the trader track their performance and make any corrections when they stray away from the plan.



The platform also offers advanced technical analysis tools; these tools will always act as an advantage to the traders who know how to utilize them.

Also since trading is quite a lonely job it has the trader’s talk feature which enables traders to share their analysis and views on the market.

To supplement this already superb platform is the MT4 platform which is universally recognized platform.


XTB: Educational Resources


The importance of education in any field is important, and it is likely it is more important in trading than it is in other fields of study.

The brokerage firm offers different categories of education, for those who want a more course-like structure they can use the Trading Academy option.


XTB UK Review


For those who like a more interactive feel they can always use the live webinar option and lastly it is always important to improve your knowledge about the markets and that is made available in the knowledge base section. It is not a surprise why XTB UK are ranked so highly.


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