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IQ Option Review

IQ Option is one of the leading binary options firms in the world now and because they have only been around from 2013, that makes it an impressive fete.

Throughout the three years, they have been around they have major leaps forward towards making them one of the most recognizable binary options firms in the world.

IQ Option started off in Russia, and they were only present in four countries that were back in 2013.

IQoption Spread Betting

They improved their efforts, and they increased their coverage to 18 countries in 2014, and in the subsequent year, they doubled that number to 36 countries.

This goes to show that they are determined to grow and share their unique binary options ideas with as many people as possible.

Their growth can be seen in all aspects of a brokerage firm from their account registrations, the volume of trades executed, sponsorships, and customer service.


IQ Option Review


They started off with 15000 registered trading accounts, but they stand at 3,450,000 registered trading accounts by 2015 and growing by the year.


IQ Option


They were executing 30,000 trades a month but that has grown exponentially to 1000000 trades a month by 2015, and this is growing.

They were first registered in Russia, and they received their regulatory number RUO395 AA Vv0085 by the Russian regulatory body CROFR.

They later received one of the most notable licenses in the world from the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission reference number 247/14; this was awarded in 2014.

In 2015 they were given the CONSOB regulatory license n. 0008204/15 del. 03/02/2015.

They are still pursuing more regulatory licenses across the world to build up their reliability through cross-border registration. 


IQ Option demo account


They also have a very high consideration of their clients’ funds, and they have all those funds secured in Tier 1 banks to avoid any sort of client funds misappropriation.

Their sponsorship campaigns have been growing from year to year, and they have focused all their attention on the racing industry.

They are the official sponsors of the Aston Martin WEC racing team, and they have recently partnered with the F4 racing team AGI Racing to be their sponsors for a number of seasons.


IQ Option Trading Platform


IQ Option has been one of the leading binary options firms that have taken the direction of creating a proprietary trading platform that represents their values and embodies their services.

Their trading platform comes in two versions, a desktop application that is available on their website, a mobile platform that can be accessed on the Android and iOS platforms.



The most impressive thing about their mobile platform is the ease of use that has been proven by the sheer number of downloads it has received from the day of its inception. It was the number one most downloaded mobile trading platform in 28 countries.

Their platform is a definite game changer in the binary options space, they have built it top have similar functions to some of the most popular trading platforms in the world.

They have encompassed indicators, unique charting interfaces, and easy execution features. They have been continually improving their trading platform introducing beta versions for their clients to test out before they are fully integrated into their current platform.


IQ Option metatrader


The IQ Option MetaTrader relationship is well founded; many of their clients use the MetaTrader platforms to do extensive analysis and to utilize the extra features that are not available in the IQ Option trading platform.

The IQ Option demo account is one of the features that make it very appealing, they have a dollar recycle feature at the top right corner of the platform, whenever one blows up their demo account they can just refund it by clicking that feature.

This is the most efficient feature of their demo account, and it is impressive because you are not in any way subjected to register for another IQ Option demo account to continue trading.

The IQ Option minimum deposit is one of the lowest, and it is the lowest in the binary options industry, with only $10 you are set to start trading and learn as you grow.


IQ option minimum deposit


This is very affordable and thus one of the reasons why IQ Option has been able to grow as fast as it has in the period it has been around. 


Educational Resources


IQ Option has borrowed a leaf from the most reputable brokerage firms in the world; they understand very well that if their clients are empowered through well structured educational facilities, they will have longevity in the business.


IQ option education


This is embedded in their company motto, the ultimate trading experience.

They have categorized their educational material based on various introductory topics on trading, especially indicator based strategies and candlestick reading.

When all these are put together, the trader is able to create a trading strategy that can be consistent over the long haul.

Another material on the site that is educational is based on the registration process and a comprehensive study of how to better utilize the trading platform.


IQ Option: Deposit and Withdrawal


IQ Option has a massive reach, and this is one of the considerations they put in place when they were making decisions for the various deposit and withdrawal options.


IQ Option withdrawal


They have several options that clients can use for their transactions; they have the VISA and MasterCard as their card options. The following are online payment options WebMoney, Poli internet banking, Skrill, and Neteller. The last option is one of the most used; they also take bank wire transfer.

One of the main things to understand is that the payment option will correspond to the withdrawal option as well. It is important to make inquiries with the delegated party before making any payments.


Customer Support


IQ Option has 35 specialists on call; they take 46 seconds to respond to their live chat inquiries and 24 minutes to tickets sent through their e-mail contact.

All this culminates to one of the best services in the industry, and that makes them the best broker for the ultimate trading experience.


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