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www IGIndex co uk

There are few brokerage firms from around the world that have been able to maintain their course and be successful at the same time. The financial industry is ever changing, and that makes it a very tough industry for thriving in.

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That is why brokerage firms like IGIndex have established core principles that are built around their clients as their driving force; this is the reason IGIndex has become one of the most popular brokers in the world.

IGIndex is part of the IG Group that owns both IGIndex and IG Markets Ltd; this financial company has a legacy like no other, and almost all the brokerage firms in the world would like to copy a leaf from them as they strive to be better.


www IGIndex co uk


IGIndex is the number one leading brokerage firm in the provision of CFD and spread betting services.

One of the most interesting facts about spread betting is that IGIndex were the first to introduce it to the world because they created it, so, using IGIndex as you spread betting partner is safe to bet given that they created it and hence any advancement is likely to take place in their company first.

Being a part of IGIndex is an advantage because they offer access to ten thousand plus markets that will mean as a trader you can experience trading on a whole other level.


www IGIndex co uk spread betting


You get to trade many markets from different exchanges from around the world, and at the same time, you could trade a massive number of asset classes provided by IGIndex.

Some of the assets include; bitcoin, commodities, options, interest rates, sectors, bonds, access to Sunday trading especially for bitcoin and the Asian markets that open earlier, share dealing, and forex.

With all these choices at your disposal, you are more than likely going to have a very easy time creating a portfolio that fits your liking and more so one that will make you money over the long term.

To be precise IGIndex offer 6000 international stocks to trade so it is easier for their clients to select stocks that they know mostly those from their countries.


www IGIndex co uk


They have been around for forty years, and that is quite a felting achievement that is one of the things that elevated their reliability among their clients.

The other thing is that they are a registered company in England and Wales and their registration number is 01190902. They are also authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority like many other financial institutions in the United Kingdom; their reference number is 114059.

Also since IGIndex offers spread betting services and spread betting is not yet considered as trading rather gambling it is further regulated by the Gambling Commission, and their reference number is 2628.

IGIndex enjoys a massive followership which is good for business; they have 152,000 clients who are shared between them and IG Markets Ltd, acquiring such a massive client base and ensuring it is well catered for is not the easiest of jobs.




That is why IGIndex is not only endeared by its clients but it is also viewed as a beacon of proper development by its competitors within the industry, and that is why many their services are also sorted after by their competitors some of them well-renowned businesses.

IGIndex is also listed on the London Stock Exchange but in the second most prestigious listing in the exchange the FTSE 250. As a new client, it is important to visit their website www IGIndex co uk spread betting for more information about them.


IGIndex Trading Platforms


As a trader, you want to have the best platform for your most important agenda which is trading. Many brokers have sort after third-party trading platforms, and they have not taken the time to develop their own platforms.

IGIndex knows, that their clients have the best answers when it comes to trading technology and that is why they requested their clients’ opinions first before creating a trading platform.



From the answers, they received they were able to create a trading platform that was mainly focused on delivering the best for their clients.

They have a couple of trading platforms that show just that, the web-based trading platform that is also an award-winning platform for SHARES Awards for the best web platform 2015.

They have been winning this particular award for a number of years which means they have been continuously improving their technology thus making it admirable and easier to use.

They also have the MT4 platform that is considered one of the most advanced trading platforms out there, and it is normally used by the skilled traders.

Their web-based platform has a lot to offer, and that is why it is a favorite among the traders. The web platform has so much to offer, and most of it is what is mostly given to downloadable platforms like MT4.


IGIndex co uk


It  gives the client access to Direct Market Access and L2 dealing, it has news being streamed from Reuters, it allows for one click dealing, it has a customizable layout when launching the chart you select to either use the RealTime chart or the IG Charts for any asset you want to trade.

It also has monitoring tools like the stop loss take profit and the trailing stop feature. With all these features it is almost hard to navigate through a platform, but that is just out of this world because the web trading platform is very easy to use.

More of this information is available on www IGIndex co uk.


Educational Resources


Many clients choose IGIndex because of their ability to incorporate well structure educational courses for their clients. Because IGIndex deals specifically with spread betting, they have a course that covers this area comprehensively.

They have created the IG Academy application where their clients can enroll and study on the go by their daily activities. More of this information is available on www IGIndex co uk.


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