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CMC Markets UK – Review

CMC Markets is an online retail financial service that enables clients to trade foreign exchange, financial spread bet, foreign currencies, commodities, and treasuries across the global markets.

The company has its current headquarters in London with other international offices international in order to ensure that they provide better services to the customers. CMC markets provide the users with an opportunity to speculate on over ten thousand financial markets.

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Further, the users are able to predict events in the different markets with a lot of flexibility, which further provides knowledge on the understanding of trading, and events taking place in the financial markets.


CMC History


Peter Cruddas in 1989 founded the CMC Markets. At this point, the company was operating under the name Currency Management Corporation before it was later abbreviated to become CMC and CMC Markets in 2005.

The company launched their first FX trading platform in 1996, which was a huge success for the company. In addition, the company provided online trading; making it as a pioneer company in as far as, internet-trading technology is concerned.



In 2000, CMC was able to offer Contracts for Difference, abbreviated as CFDs. In addition, the company also launched their online spread betting on the financial markets, which in fact played a significant role in increase revenue and number of clients registering with the company.

Between 2002 and 2006, the company was working towards expanding to the global markets. As a result, it was important that it invest in mechanisms and activities that would push it to be able to reach out to this market.

The company started to setting up offices in other countries because it was initially operating from United Kingdom as the central point.

Further, CMC Markets was working towards growing their spread betting business in the United Kingdom and the CFD business internationally. This provided an opportunity for the company to interact with the international customers and further be able to understand what they want in order to enjoy competitive advantage.

They introduced new brands designed to promote the zero-commission charge service. The global financial crisis significantly affected the performance of CMC Markets. However, the company was able to recover and reinstate back to their original performance.


CMC Markets UK (Review)


CMC has been in the market for more than twenty-five years. All these years, the company has managed to put the interests of the target market first ensuring that the clients have access to quality services in the company.

The changes implemented in the company are customer based and, therefore, they work towards implementing based on the feedback the customers provide.

cmc markets review

Further, the company’s trading platform provides the customers a huge range of technical indicators and advanced tools that play an imperative role in supporting trading activities.

These include technologies such as pattern recognition scanner, market calendar, Reuters, and price alerts among other tools.


CMC Account Types


CMC Markets has numerous account types that their clients can pick to trade. This has allowed the company to capture the existing diverse interests of the clients making the company an important contributor in as far as trading is concerned.

The accounts come in two types including the Fixed Risk Account and the Regular Account. The fixed risk account holders have an advantage of guaranteed stops but are required to pay an extra premium for this service.

Clients holding CMC Accounts also enjoy having a no minimum deposit requirements and therefore clients can invest the much they can afford.

However, the company advices the clients that $2000 deposit is a great place to begin before a trader begin to trade.


CMC Markets Trading Platform


CMC Markets uses a trading platform they refer to as the Next Generation. This platform is designed to take care of the interest of active traders. The platform has also received the Money AM Best Trading Platform Award and the Best Online Chard in 2013.

The company has also fully customized the platform and has included multiple tools that provide important insights and information to the traders.

Further, the company has also embraced the new technology that involves providing clients with trading apps for their phones which makes it easier for the clients to monitor their trades.

cmc markets trading platform

CMC Markets is a very reliable company. The company has been in business for more than twenty-five years making it one of the oldest companies in the industry. With the duration in which the company has been operating in the market, it has also been able to attract international brokers.

However, CMC Market has ensured that regulations in several jurisdictions are provided especially in the case of international investors.

CMC values their customers and therefore is interested in seeing their customers grow. As a result, the company provides extensive training to their clients on demand videos as a way of equipping their investors with knowledge and helps them become better traders.

The company also provides free services to beginners and follows up on them in order to ensure that they improve their trading strategies.

CMC also advices the clients on the best amount of money to invest and how they can multiply their investment and make a living. This has enabled the company create a good relationship with the customers.


Why Choose CMC Markets?


This is an interesting platform especially for individuals who just starting to become traders. This is because the company is vigilant n providing information that will be helpful in ensuring that the new trader has all the necessary tips that will help him or her become a better trader.

CMC is committed towards ensuring that all their traders irrespective of their years of experience are properly educated in as far as trading is concerned. This allows the traders to understand the possible challenges they are likely to face even as they continue to trade.

There is also the fact that the company does not have a minimum investment that a new trader must investment. This makes the platform the best especially for first time traders and traders who want to grow significantly.


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