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GKFX Review

Without a doubt, there have been multiple brokerage firms that have come by in the recent years that have failed to live up to their expectation, but GKFX has not failed in any way as per their vision and mission as well.

The new brokerage firms like GKFX have a tough time competing with the bigger more established firms that have a huge control in the forex financial industry space but as per the mission that GKFX put in place they had already shown signs of becoming the best and joining the league of the bigger players in the industry.


GKFX Review


In the year 2010, GKFX opened their doors to clients, and they had one mission in mind, give the client the best service and always be there to solve the clients’ issues at their own convenience.

Like every other successful business that understands that their customers are their lifeline GKFX upheld that and the soon became one of the most sorts after brokers in the United Kingdom and in the world.




To gain the trust of their client base GKFX have been very keen on working the required regulatory bodies, organizations like the Financial Conduct Authority who regulate their activities, GKFX is referenced under the number 501320, and they are also registered as a company in the United Kingdom under the registration number 6837942. They have grown exponentially, and that is something that has improved their client base all over the world. although they are headquartered in London they also have a presence in the following locations; Beijing, Bratislava, Brno, Cairo, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Johannesburg and some other cities from around the world just to name a few. From all their locations they have been able to employ 400 people to help them run their successful organization. In addition to a dedicated staff of 400 people strong, they also offer 600 tradable products which make them very alluring to their clientele. Every trader wants to work with a broker who will give those options apart from fast executions and with 600 products tradable the client has more than enough to build a strong, well-balanced portfolio.


Why Choose GKFX?


There are a lot of factors that make GKFX very admirable but the following are the core reasons that make it one of the best brokerage firms in the world.

First, any reputable brokerage firm is one that is well regulated, and GKFX has ticked that box successfully by being a fully regulated broker, and it is regulated by one of the most reliable financial regulatory institutions in the world, the Financial Conduct Authority.


GKFX broker review


Apart from this they also have a global presence which is more than many newly formed brokerage firms can say, they have locations in many of the most recognizable cities from around the world. in the six years, they have been in the industry it is quite a wonder that they have already acquired numerous awards from reputable institutions.

They have attracted international accolades, and that makes them even more endearing.

They have won awards from Shares Awards, Broker Wahl, MENA Forex Award, UK FOREX Awards, Platz Awards, and Saudi Money Expo and much more awards through their years of service.

The awards were the best forex broker, best investment trading platform, best forex promo, best CFD broker, and best forex pricing award.


GKFX review


Their good services have surely been recognized, and they have been rewarded.

GKFX know that their clients’ funds are meant for their client activities and because of this reason they have segregated their clients’ funds to avoid any misappropriations from their side. In addition to segregating the funds they are members of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and if anything was to happen to GKFX, they would be compensated for as much as 50,000 Pounds.

Also since they fall under the European Union, they are also members of MiFID and they comply with all the financial regulations laid out.

They also use innovative technology to make the trading experience better and more interesting to their clients.

They offer a wide range of market and free education that is available on their website.

They also have numerous payment methods that are easy to use and transact with.

They have partnership programs that clients can take advantage off and apart from the trading returns they can also make an extra income.

GKFX has embraced the spirit of sharing GKFX, and they have liaised with world organizations to fund projects to help children and other people in much need of help from various countries around the world.

They have also sponsored the world renowned Ac Milan, and they play a huge role in their football club.


GKFX sponsorship



GKFX Trading Platforms


GKFX has ensured that their clients will have the best technology to support their trading and that is not possible if they do not have the best trading platforms available.

They use the MT4 trading platform in all its forms; they have the desktop version, the mobile version, and the tablet version.



All these versions have access to a 400:1 leverage, they can be traded through expert advisors, it is available in 30 languages, and the trader can backtest a trading strategy using the platform.

They also have the MT4 Web trading platform which is accessible online as long as you have an internet connection.

They also offer the MT4 multi-terminal account which allows a trader to manage 100 accounts simultaneously.


Educational Resources


GKFX has ensured their clients stayed fresh and educated and updated when it comes to financial markets related matters.


GKFX education


That is why they offer free education and it is well broken down into forex tutorials, CFD tutorials, webinars which are interactive and also a wide range of video tutorials that cover many aspects of trading.

With all these information it will be a little difficult to feel left out when people discuss the market.


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