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SpreadCo is one of the leading spread betting financial service providers in the United Kingdom; they established their institution back in 2006, and since then they have been offering quality services to their clients.

They are one of the few brokerage firms that have affordable charges and they also have incentives for their traders; this is one of the reasons SpreadCo is an easy choice for spread betting traders from the United Kingdom.


SpreadCo Review


SpreadCo is registered both in England and Wales, and their company registration number is 05614477.

They also comply with the Financial Conduct Authority who regulate them and ensure they are working within the confines of the financial regulations laid down, their reference number is 446677.

Apart from the spread betting service they also have forex and CFD options for their traders.



In order to allow their traders the freedom to trade profitably they offer tight and fixed spreads and where the traders need to pay commissions on their trades they have been able to reduce the commissions.

One the other things that make SpreadCo very alluring is that they have incorporated quite an efficient service and great technology, and especially on the technology bit, they have made it accessible to their traders in an efficient way.

The service part of their business is stellar; they have a relationships manager who handles their clients’ issues at a more personal level which makes the clients feel appreciated and acknowledged.

For traders who want to make and extra buck from their account would love this addition to the incentives offered by SpreadCo; they offer 2% annual interest rate on accounts that have a minimum of 10,000 Pounds to a maximum of 50,000 Pounds.

This ensures the client gets a sort of rebate for their trading over the long term. It is important for a reputable firm like SpreadCo to have their clients’ interest at heart.

That is why they have segregated their clients’ funds from their funds to avoid any sort of misappropriation; the client funds are put in an account at the Barclays Bank Plc, which is a reputable bank.

They are also members of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and the Financial Ombudsman Service who mostly looks after the interests of their clients in the case that SpreadCo went burst.

The compensation scheme covers the following; deposits, investments, life and general insurance and investment businesses.

For more information on SpreadCo, you can visit www SpreadCo com which is easy to navigate.





SpreadCo Trading Platforms


Every successful brokerage firm has to have the world-class trading technology to back it up otherwise they will not be able to survive in this man eat man industry.

This is the reason why SpreadCo has not taken their trading technology seriously, they have developed platforms that support the growth and offer a reliable trading environment for their clients.


SpreadCo com


They have three different trading platforms all of which are well built, and they have very reliable features which include the economic calendar, a watch list, and fingerprint recognition.

The trading platform that is mostly used by its traders is the web-based platform that has some unique features.

The web platform is fully customizable in that you can adjust the layout as you so wish since it is accessible online you do not have to download it rather you just need the internet, and that is all.

The web-based platform may seem like a bad choice for the technical traders, but you could not be further from the truth since the platform has amazing charting and technical indicators that will support your trading quite well.

Like every other client conscious broker, they have attached a risk management feature in the web-based platform to ensure their traders conduct their activities in a cautious manner.

They also have the mobile platforms where the trader can also conduct their trading activities while on the move, one of the unique features of this app is that you can use the fingerprint recognition technology to secure your trading platform.

They also have the tablet trading platform which is only available for the iPad.


www SpreadCo com Ipad


One of the most interesting things about SpreadCo trading accounts is that they come with the SpreadCo demo account for you to try out before funding a live account.


SpreadCo demo


For more information on their trading platforms and accounts both demo and live to visit their website www SpreadCo com.


SpreadCo: Range of Markets


One of the most integral parts of a brokerage firm is the products they offer if their products are not up to the standards that their traders want then it is a cause for traders to avoid your firm.

SpreadCo knows this fact too well, and that is why they have products that very easy to trade and they are products that attract very low commissions too, so they are a perfect fit for their clients.

They have the major indices from the most recognizable economies of the world; they have the S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the DAX or the GER30, and the FTSE 100 or UK100.

These are the most liquid indices which also have the lowest spreads and commissions so the traders can easily make money trading them.

They also have forty currency pairs thus a perfect fit for their clients who want to have a hand in the currency market.

The spreads are also low, and this makes it a better choice to trade since there are no extra charges apart from the spreads.

Lastly, they have the commodities, they only offer a few commodities, but these are the most active and their moves are very huge with good reward to risk if traded well.


www SpreadCo com


They offer gold, silver, and US Crude Oil Futures.


SpreadCo: News and Analysis


SpreadCo knows that informed traders make the best decisions, so they have offered their client's access to educational resources and economic news articles that have helped them make the best decisions when it comes to trading.

They have continually encouraged their clients to take advantage of these resources in order to improve their performance over the long run.


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