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Hargreaves and Lansdown Review

Hargreaves and Lansdown is the best investment platform for the private or self-directed investor in the United Kingdom.

The brokerage firm has been in the business of providing high-quality investment services for the past thirty years, and that gives them a better reputation compared to the newer firms that have been in business for a shorter duration.

They are also highly regulated and are members of the Financial Conduct Authority under the reference number 149970, and they are registered as Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbroker Ltd.


Hargreaves and Lansdown Review


Apart from this Hargreaves and Lansdown Bristol has become a leadership firm when it comes to providing job opportunities in the United Kingdom.

The size of their organization would warrant moving to newer locations and mostly the established financial districts around the world, but they have kept their operations in Bristol, United Kingdom.

They have managed to employ a massive number of individuals totaling to 950, which is a great way to revitalizing the Bristol community and the United Kingdom as a whole.

This 100% presence in the United Kingdom has become one of the very many advantages that has enabled them to offer their services to 783,000 clients; this is an impressive fete to achieve for any investment firm.


Hargreaves And Lansdown


This huge number of clients has enabled them to accumulate a massive treasure chest which totals to 58.8 billion Pounds.

It is obvious with such and amount of assets under management you may expect various advancements in their technology and extremely high-quality investment services.

Because of this reason they have been considered to be one of the large-cap companies and they have been listed in the FTSE 100 which is the highest possible listing any company in the United Kingdom can get.

They have been providing their impeccable services for three decades and these warrants for some recognition of some sort, and thus they have won numerous awards that are highly acclaimed within the investment circles.

They have won awards for the best ISA, SIPP, mobile trading platform, finance iPad application and best wealth manager.

These awards are from the Money Week Magazine and other award bodies in the United Kingdom. Hargreaves and Lansdown offers a variety of investment options for their clients, both the self-directed investor clients and the clients who open managed accounts with them.



Their investment platform is revolutionary, and it offers the client access to many markets and 2500 funds that are available in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, European shares, and ETFs.

Apart from these products the trader can also trade bonds and gilts and also invest in investment trusts.

Hargreaves and Lansdown has one major commitment to their clients which is to provide first class services and investment solutions that are easy to understand and easily accessible.


Hargreaves and Lansdown: Services


Like every other investment firm in the world Hargreaves and Lansdown has a wide range of services but what sets them apart is their ability to categorize their services to fit their wide range of clients.

They have products that are directed to the self-directed or skilled investor, and they also have the managed accounts option that has become popular with the clients who are looking to grow their retirement funds.

Their products include the ISAs, which fit very well for the self-directed investors; there are two types of ISAs on offer, the Stocks and Shares ISAs and the Junior Stocks and Shares ISAs.


Hargreaves And Lansdown APP


There are pension based investment opportunities classified under a pension; they are; SIPP, annuities, and drawdown.

They also have another section classified as investing; this section includes most of the investment services offered by Hargreaves and Lansdown.

Its components include the share dealing services; they have one of the most affordable rates and one of the best discounted rates for their share dealing, this service is made available in the Hargreaves and Lansdown app.

Under the investing section, there is the fund and share account; there is the investing for children, HL multi-manage funds, ETFs, investment trusts, corporate bonds and gilts, and finally the bed and ISA/SIPP.



They have also been known to provide very reliable investment advice and ideas through their in-house idea generation structures.

These structures include the wealth 150, master portfolios, and HL portfolios. They also offer advanced investment services for their clients, these services include the VCTs and spread betting and CFD trading.

They also have currency dealing services both for their individual clients and for their corporate clients.


Hargreaves and Lansdown: Corporate Services


They have a dedicated team of financial advisers who offer their services for their corporate clients. These services offered to the corporate bodies are tailor made for each organization which makes it even more desirable for their clients at that level.


Hargreaves And Lansdown Reviews


They create company pension schemes, flexible benefits, corporate currency services, and they also create charity fund and share accounts for their corporate clients. They have other tools and services that have been covered in detail on their website.

Their corporate clients are given detailed services because they come as clients who represent a larger group of individuals and for this reason, Hargreaves and Lansdown have ensured that they get the best form fitting services for each of their corporate clients.


Hargreaves and Lansdown: Advanced Investment Services


Hargreaves and Lansdown realized that the newer investors had an urge to get involved in the more advanced investment services.

This led them to create HL Markets subsidiary that handles the services for their spread betting and CFD trading.


Hargreaves And Lansdown CFD


This move was made possible after they joined forces with the best CFD provider in the world, IG Markets Ltd, this partnership gave the Hargreaves and Lansdown clients access to more products, and different investment styles.

The traders can now access the forex market, shares, indices, commodities, options, interest rates, and sectors through a powerful and reliable trading platform.


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