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IG Index Review

IG Index is part of the IG Markets Ltd; these are the branch of that handles spread betting services to their clients.

IG Index is a separate company because spread betting is not considered as trading but rather gambling. Since in the United Kingdom gambling does not incur capital gains tax IG Index had to be set up separately although they are still regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the number 114059.

They are also registered and regulated by the Gambling Commission under the number 2628. The organization is registered both in England and Wales, and their registration number is 01190902.

IG Markets under their spread betting subsidiary IG Index are the first and the best broker in the world offering these services.


IG Index


Being the proprietors of this service, they are at the forefront of pushing its growth and development and making it a better service for their clients and those who would want to get involved in the future.


IG Index Review


Since IG Index is mainly a spread betting broker, their spread betting can be performed on various tradable instruments.



These instruments range from currencies to equities, commodities, precious metals, and options alike.

This gives the client a wide range of options if he wishes to trade, and this is important because it allows the client a chance to spread his or her risk evenly across their portfolio.


IG Index Platforms


IG Index has a wide array of platforms; all the trading platforms range from simple easy to use platforms to the very advanced platforms.


IG Index review


These platforms cater for both long term traders and ultra short-term traders alike. 

The execution speeds of the platforms are optimum to ensure the clients get the best fills on their trades.

This is an advantage for traders especially the IG Index clients who mostly trade on the shorter time frames, and they mainly focus on making gains on the minor moves in the market.

They have a web-based platform that has the same user experience as a desktop application.

Actually, their web-based platform was named the best web based platform in 2015 at the SHARES Awards.

They also have the L2 Dealer that has Direct Market Access, and it is suitable for CFD traders mostly, this gives them a direct feel of the market and can take advantage of that because they can now experience market depth first hand.

They also have the widely recognized MT4 platform that is mostly famous for its ability to incorporate expert advisors or automated trading. This choice is good for traders who are advanced, and they have good knowledge of technical analysis.


IG Index matarader 4


The platform offers fast execution and also low spreads on the tradable instruments.

Traders who are mostly on the move can download these platforms onto their phones and enjoy the same experience while they are away from their computers.


Educational Resources


IG Index realizes the importance of being informed on how the markets really work.

They understand that with a proper education one stands a chance to be very successful in the markets. That is why they have a wide range of educational resources to choose from; they offer seminars in different locations in the world as per the location of their clients.


IG Index education


They also have webinars that have a wider reach, and the many clients can get the information conveyed. They have articles about trading and about the financial markets at large.

They also have the introduction section that involves introductory topics of different aspects of the industry.

They have a specific educational resource for spread betting called, Spread Betting: A guide for share traders.

Lastly, they have the IG Academy App that offers a course like structure to your educational journey which is important for one will be able to note their progress with time.


Review of Their Deposits and Withdrawals


IG Index has different options for their deposit and withdrawals which are important because every client will have the most suitable one.

These options include wire transfer, checks, and credit and debit cards and finally they have Skrill an online payment platform that offers an easy and instant payment option.

All the aforementioned methods have service charges attached to them and it is important that the client inquires from the finance or back office team before making any payments.


Customer Support


IG index has ensured that their clients will have the best trading experience as long as they have an account with them.

This means that the clients are in good hands and this can only be done by a well designated and structured customer support section.

The customer support portal on their web page has been broken down into sections such as; trading platform, technical help section, chart support, payments, market information, and managing the account.


IG Index customer support


They also have a live chat handle that is important for urgent based queries. They have a twitter page that is also designated for help and help only; it is called @IGClientHelp.

They also have a contact number that clients can use and utilize for their trading related and account related questions.


IG Index: Conclusion


IG Index has proven to be one of the best brokers in the spread betting industry.

They have proper regulations, and they have also become very influential in the growth of the spread betting industry.

They have very many tradeable instruments that give the clients a wide choice and the trading platforms are also well suited for spread betting.

They have proper education for their clients, and this has become the best tool for most of their clients’ success.

IG Index is the one of the best in the industry if not the best and I will highly recommend them to the traders either novice or advanced.


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