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IG Spread Betting Demo Account in UK

The option of using a demo account and using it for a variety of purpose is a common feature in a lot of spread betting platforms in the United Kingdom. IG, being one of the most well known spread betting companies in the world, did not fail to carry on this trend in their own platform.

If you visit, you can access a section of the website that gives you the option to register a demo account with them.

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A lot of people are curious as to why a spread betting company like IG, or the ones that are of the same stature as them, would give their clients the option of running a demo account when they could easily get started right away with a regular account.

To understand the idea behind providing a demo account option, one needs to have sound knowledge of the ins and outs of a spread betting platform.


IG Background


There is a huge range of spread betting companies in the United Kingdom. Some are extraordinary, while others are not so much. falls in the good end of the spectrum. This is the end where you can find a cluster of some of the most critically acclaimed, iconic and depending sports betting platforms of 2015.

That being said, it is important to understand that the high quality of a spread betting company does not necessarily give it the license to provide a risk free environment for all its traders.

In other words, no matter how dependable or reliable a famous spread betting platform is, there will always be an element of risk involved for the traders. This is the reason why IG, specifically makes mention of the fact that “All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits”.

This is a very self explanatory disclaimer from IG. Even though IG consistently goes the extra mile to bring success for its traders, it still cannot guarantee you immunity from financial losses.


Element of Risk


IG is a strong contender to be the best spread betting platform in the world. Even then, a company like this, cannot save the trader money when poor trading decisions and choices are being met. IG will do whatever it takes to help you earn success when you are trading to the best of your ability.

IG Spread Betting in UK

However, if you end up being careless and ineffective as a trader, IG will not be responsible for the financial losses that you incur.

Regardless of how advanced spread betting platforms become in the world, the risk levels will remain considerably high because of the high degree of competition and because betting by nature is risky business.


The Need for Demo Accounts


Spread betting is an activity that does not suit the preferences of every individual. Not everybody enjoys taking risks in life.

You may be a very knowledgeable person who has all the skills required to trade commodities successful, but that still may not be enough motivation for you to venture into world of spread betting because of all the risks that are involved.

IG Spread Betting Demo Account

In fact, the fear of risk or financial losses is one of the major reasons why people stay away from financial spread betting. This puts companies like IG in a world of predicament. They are unable to lie and deceive their visitors by stating that the trading environment is free of risk.

Hence it becomes quite difficult for IG to convince its visitors that getting involved in spread betting and trading on their platform can drastically increase their chances of swelling up their wealth in the not so distant future.

In lay man’s term, spread betting companies like IG are always on the lookout to make people understand how trading with them and being clever enough to avoid financial losses can help them stand a chance to win big money. This is where the concept of demo account becomes a valid necessity.


The Perks of a Demo Account


With a demo account, you are promised of being able to trade in a platform without bearing any risk of massive financial losses. You can label a demo account as a form of “safe account”. Most users resort to demo accounts in order to test drive the features of the platform of offered by a particular spread betting company, in this case IG.

The demo account of IG serves as a platform for people to familiarize themselves with the intricacies and complications of financial spread betting. It helps them to get a taste of what would be up for if they were to register a regular, original account.

New traders use the demo account to get introduced to the dynamics of spread betting. Experienced traders make use of the demo account to evaluate the features of the IG platform before taking the decision to fund a regular IG account.


IG Spread Betting Demo Account Specifications


Using the IG demo account, you can explore their award winning platform without paying what other regular users of the platform would have to pay.

You can start spread betting or CFD trading today with one risk-free demo account. This demo account will not only increase your knowledge of the spread betting world, but it will also allow you to boost your trading skills as you will be presented with £10,000 virtual funds to practise trading.

Quick navigation between the charts, news and deal tickets is one of the more impressive features of the demo account. The demo account can be easily accessed and used through free mobile and tablet apps.

The interface of the demo account of IG can be customized to suit your dealing preferences. You can trade with confidence 24 hours a day and view charts, live prices and use several other amazing trading features.

There are no charges for live packages. Trades, that may or may not take place in a live account, will not be rejected. Any trade made through the demo account will be subject to slippage, interest and dividend adjustments and out-of-hour price changes.


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