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IG com (Review)

IG com is the website where one can find the information about IG Markets; this website is well structured, and there is a lot of information that catches your eye when you scroll down.

The website is well structured in ways that one can access all its features from a single click or by simply scrolling down to get the information you want to look up.

The website has a white background, and most of the information in the foreground is written in black to make it easy to discover, except for information written on their theme color for their website which is red, that information is written in white, and that also improves visibility, the font on the IG com website is set at an average size of 14 which is a medium size, and this makes the website more engaging.


IG com



IG com: Review


IG com was established is 1974, and they have been growing over the years providing world class services to their ever-growing number of clients from around the world. they have approximately 136,100 clients as from a survey conducted in the year 2015, and this number is not including the demo account holders, these are accounts for the live account holders.

This is quite a substantial number, and it is also impressive, but this does not come as a surprise at all.

They have been offering their services for over forty years, and this is one of the reasons why they have been consistent, and this can only be achieved by an institution that has been around long enough.

They also have a reputable standing, and this can be confirmed by their registration as a company under the name IG Markets Ltd in England and Wales under the company number 04008957, on top of this, they are well regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the registration number 195355.

IG com provides access to a massive number of markets; to be exact their clients can gain access to over 10000 markets which is an impressive fete.

Their clients can create a well-balanced portfolio that will make money in the long run. One of the recognizable assets they provide and they have been feted for is the CFDs trading.



They are the premier CFD provider in the whole world; this means that they have not only created a reputable product but trust between themselves and the clients who actively trade their CFD products.

Furthermore, they are also the number one providers of spread betting services in the United Kingdom, and this is an achievement considering the huge completion that is in the United Kingdom spread betting industry even with new entrants they have still been able to hold onto their quality of services, and this gives them an added advantage even with their clients.


IG com: Accolades


Their services have enabled them to acquire numerous awards and these awards are just an appreciation for the many advancements they have made as trading institutions and also for the advancements they have brought to the financial industry as the leading CFD and spread betting service provider.


IG com review


They have won the Online Personal Wealth awards for the year 2015. Reader’s Choice Award for the Best Spread Betting Provider, and they have also won the award for Best CFD Provider 2012 from Shares Awards.

Moreover, they are also one of the listed companies in the FTSE 250 list of companies this is a prestigious list, and they are just a step away from being listed in the most prestigious company listing FTSE 100.


IG com: Trading Platform


IG com has one of the most acclaimed trading platforms in the business, and this makes them a unique broker. Many brokers had failed terribly when it came to providing functional web based trading platforms. 

The trading platform has the following functionalities that make it one of the best trading platforms in the world. This fact was settled when they won an award for their web platform from the Shares Awards in the year 2015.

The web platform has watch list feature that can be created or edited on the preference of the trader. A watch list is a handy tool for that trader who watches several markets at once.


IG com platform features


The watch list reduces your time by avoiding the search for the more than 10,000 markets provided by IG com.

The trading platform offers full market depth with Direct Market Access and this provided for the CFD and forex products offered.

The web platform has a live news streaming from Thomson Reuters one of the most trusted financial news providers in the world.

The web platform also allows the trader to directly select which chart they are going to use by selecting the asset you want to trade.

One can either select the ProRealTime charts or the IG charts; both charts have their advantages, and the fact that the trader has a choice is one of the things that make this web platform a marvel to many.

The web platform also allows the trader to trade directly from the charts using the one click trade functionality.


IG com webplatform


The charts layout is customizable based on the user’s preference. The web platform may sound like a sophisticated one, but it is very easy to use.


IG com: Extra Services


IG com has a very special consideration for their clients’ well-being in the markets, and that is why they have a free educational resource that is meant to help their clients get the best out of the markets.


IG com extra services


The educational resources are well structured, and there are different resources covering different aspects of the market.

IG com also has a wide reach, and this is meant to give their clients from around the world a sense of belonging.

They have 17 international offices in most of the world’s celebrated financial districts.

They offer 24-hour support, and they do this through their dedicated telephone contacts well divided into existing clients’ telephone contact and new to IG telephone contact.

They also have an e-mail address that can be used to contact or express an issue with them.


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