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There are a few brokerage firms in the world that can attest that they have achieved the pinnacle of success in the financial industry, but few are fit enough to claim this status, and IG online is one of those brokerage firms that has been able to stand firm even when there were more than worse economic situations that would cripple their business, but they managed to stand firm and work through those tough times and still offer their clients the best services and products and advice as well to help them cover for their tough times.


IG Online Review


The brokerage firms IG Markets and IG Index are part of the better-known IG Group that has for the past 40 plus years managed to offer exquisite services that are IG acclaimed both by their partners and by their massive client base.

It is obvious IG online has built its basis since 1974, they have been able to grow their business quite massively to the extent that they have become the number one provider of CFDs and spread betting services in the world.

IG online has been able to do this by offering their clients access to over 10,000 markets from around the world.


IG Online


In order to become this respected in such a competitive industry, you must be able to prove your reliability and credibility to the clients whom you serve and IG online has proven this beyond doubt.

Since IG online is split into two companies, the IG Index and IG Markets Ltd both have different registrations as companies and apart from that they have different regulatory licenses which are all on the same body.

Both companies are registered in England and Wales for IG Markets Ltd the registration number is 04008957, and that of IG Index is 01190902.



Both are registered and authorized by the Financial Conduct authority IG Markets Ltd. is referenced under the number 195355 while IG Index is referenced under the number 114059.

Since IG Index is responsible for everything, spread betting they have an additional layer of regulations from the Gambling Association which has referenced IG Index under the number 2628.

With all these protective measures, it is almost impossible for IG online to have any sort of misappropriations that may harm their clients.


Unique Attributes of IG Online


The financial markets industry is one of the most competitive industries to hack it in, but if you have laid out proper plans, then it is possible to create a niche market for yourselves and thrive in it.

This is one of the clever things that IG online did; they decided to concentrate on providing services at a scale not tried before.

This meant that they had to be very vigorous in selling their agenda to the masses who were prospective clients. The first thing that IG online did is introduce a different way to trade the markets, and that was through spread betting, to make it, even more, enticing the traders were not charged taxes on the profits they had accrued.



To make spread betting even more interesting, they had to have a large number of markets that the traders could be a trader, and so they went in such of the best markets in the world that offered both liquidity and volume in order to support efficient trading for their clients.

The markets on offer cover the whole of the financial markets; they offer stocks that range from local stocks to 6000 international stocks, they offer CFDs from several markets from all over the world, these CFDs are leveraged products that can offer very positive returns to anyone who trades them using the right approach and the opposite is also very possible.

The other products include commodities, forex, bitcoin, options, interest rates, sectors, and bonds. The more products the traders can get access to the better they can diversify their risk and the better they build a successful portfolio.

Another unique aspect of IG online is the fact that they offer Direct Market Access thus their clients can get the best price quotes and trade with better execution compared to other traders who cannot access this feature from their brokers.


IG Online Support


They also have 17 offices around the world located in well know cities and all these offices are there for one reason to help their 152,000 plus clients access the best services.

Their support line runs for 24 hours every day of the week, and this is one thing that sets them apart from the rest of the fray.


Trading Platforms Offered by IG


The best brokerage firms also offer the best trading technology and one of the ways to gauge this is by testing their trading platform.

With IG online you get to access their powerful trading platforms via different media, they have one of the best web-based trading platforms which also happens to their main trading platform.



This trading platform offers the trader access to Direct Market Access, a number of charting features and to add onto this, there are the extra features like streaming news features and more that really make it one of a kind trading platforms.

In addition to this, they have the MT4 that can access IG online market data through a bridge connection; this allows the more technical savvy traders access the best trading environment IG online should offer.


Educational Resource


IG online understands that there is a good chance for every trader who has a sound trading knowledge background to survive the markets rather than that trader who is out there swinging for the fences hoping to hit something.


IG Online Educational


The only way to become a sound trader is by building your knowledge base, and IG online has given their traders the luxury of accessing educational resources that many pay for quite a sum.

They have the IG Academy app, articles and newsletters, guides on introductory topics; they also have seminars and webinars that are scheduled for their clients based on different trading topics.


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