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Hargreaves Lansdown - Spread Betting

Hargreaves Lansdown is one of the prominent brokerage firms in the United Kingdom, they have been in business for over 30 years, and that means one thing for any investor out there, that Hargreaves Lansdown is a reliable investment company.

They have the numbers to prove their prominence too, with 58.8 billion Pounds in Assets Under Management and 783,000 clients this proves that they have put their efforts towards growth and development.

They have their offices in Bristol where they have employed over 950 employees, they have managed to be fully run a United-Kingdom-based investment firm.


Hargreaves Lansdown Review


Most investment firms will expand their territory from their areas of origin, but Hargreaves Lansdown made the decision to improve their country by opening employment positions for its country folk.

They are one of the few investment firms that have 100% presence in their country of origin, and this is very appealing to the local investors, it builds that trust and confidence which is a major part of the investment business.

Hargreaves Lansdown offers a wide variety of products for their clients; they are a one-stop shop for investment products, and that is why they have the numbers to prove this fact too.




They give their clients access to over 2500 funds that are found in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, European Shares, and ETFs.

They also have investment trusts, gilts, and bonds. They also offer low cost dealing accounts that have tax-efficient stocks and shares ISA, Self Invested Personal Pension and Junior ISA.

They also offer advanced investment options for the skilled investors, they have CFDs and spread betting services that are provided by their long-term partner IG Markets Ltd and IG Index Ltd, and IG Index Ltd provides the spread betting services, and IG Markets Ltd provide the CFD services.

For any investor who is any sort of doubt about the services that Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbroker Ltd, they should be assured that they are well regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and their reference number is 149970.



They have also been listed in one of the most prestigious indices in the United Kingdom; the FTSE 100. They have a string of awards they have won over the years; these awards include the Best of ISA, SIPP, Stockbroker, and Mobile Trading Platform as from 2014.

The awards are handled by the prestigious Money Week Magazine. In addition to it, they are also recognized as the Best Wealth Manager also awarded by the readers of Money Week Magazine.

Their customer service is exemplary too, unlike other firms that use prerecorded robot features to handle customer calls, Hargreaves Lansdown has a customer service force that is based in their offices in Bristol, and they are very focused on handling those issues. The calls take an average of 15.4 seconds to be handled.


Hargreaves Lansdown: Products and Services


Hargreaves Lansdown has a long list of investment services, and they have been categorized in such a way that you will be able to find your desired investment vehicle with a lot of ease.

They have categorized them into ISAs which are further broken down into stocks and shares ISAs and junior stocks and shares ISAs.

They have a pension option for all those who want to create their own pension plans. This has been broken down into SIPP, annuities, and drawdowns.


HargreavesLansdown Spread Betting


They have a broader investing option that has been broken down into the following; share dealing, fund share account, investing for children, HL multi-managed funds, ETFs, investment trusts, corporate bonds and gilts, bed and ISA/SIPP.

They have the vantage service which is their trading platform. They have a section that handles investment ideas; they have the wealth 150 that has an accumulation of investment vehicles that have proven to work over long periods of time.

They also have master portfolios under the investment ideas, and the HL portfolios. They have an advanced investing section; the VCTs and spread betting and CFDs trading.



They also offer currency investing; they have the financial advice section which is awarded for free as consultation for their clients for the very first time.

They also investment services for corporate institutions, and they help them tailor make pensions and their investments wisely. Apart from all these investment services they also have a newsroom to update their clients on ongoing economic events from around the world.

They also have a help and guide tools to help the investor get around the massive amount of information provided on their website.


Hargreaves Lansdown: Spread Betting


Hargreaves Lansdown spread betting services is considered an advanced investment style that is suited for the very skilled traders.

The services are not offered under their main stock broking website rather it is offered in their HL Markets which is a subsidiary of the stock broking company.

These services are offered by their long term partner who is the perfect fit for this kind of investment. IG Markets through its sister company IG Index Ltd that offers spread betting services on a massive scale for individual traders and institutions, like HL Markets.


HargreavesLansdown Betting


IG Index Ltd is a registered company that is registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct authority under the reference number 114059.

Since they offer products listed under the gambling act, they are also registered and regulated by the Gambling Commission under the number 2628.

Spread betting via HL Markets has its advantages; they offer very tight spreads for their assets, and the traders are exempt from Capital Gains Tax because spread betting is considered gambling is rather trading.

This is only applicable for traders who are United Kingdom residents. In addition to these advantages, the traders do not pay a commission for their trades rather all costs are coupled with the spread. 

The trader also has the ability to profit both ways, from a rising and falling market and compared to other trading vehicles the trader can pay a partial cost for the deal upfront and the rest after the trade is closed.

The trader can spread bet a wide range of markets; stock indices, shares, commodities, currencies, options, and sectors. The client can create a portfolio and trade it consistently and in the long run gain a very profitable investment.


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